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  1. Anoka Ramsey or North Hennepin Fall 2016?

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your advice. Looks like the AR schedule will work great for me, so I'm going to go there!!
  2. Anoka Ramsey or North Hennepin Fall 2016?

    No I have not, but I need to decide ASAP! Any advice?
  3. Hello! I got accepted to both schools and currently attend AR for pre-reqs. I do like the staff/professors for these general classes and heard the nursing staff is great, too. I don't know much about North Hennepin, but it is actually closer to where...
  4. North Hennepin or Anoka Ramsey?

    Hello! Where did you end up going for the MANE program? I got accepted to both for Fall 2016 and am having a hard time deciding. NHCC is 15 minutes from where I live, whereas AR is 30 - but I go to AR now for pre-requisites and do love the professors...
  5. Hello! I am new to this site, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right spot! I have applied to the Fall 2016 MANE BSN programs at both Anoka Ramsey and North Hennepin. If I'm accepted to both, I will need to decide which one to attend. Any ideas? I...