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  1. Yes, I just achieved it. It wasn’t easy, but wasn’t impossible either. I wouldn’t bother with expensive test prep. This books helps: https://www.nursingworld.org/nurses-books/psychiatric-mental-health-nursing-review-and-resource-manual--5th-edition/?utm_term=&utm_campaign=[Shopping]+-+Broad+Searches&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_src=g&hsa_ad=290329832151&hsa_tgt=pla-293946777986&hsa_mt=&hsa_ver=3&hsa_acc=4209008328&hsa_kw=&hsa_grp=62239714201&hsa_cam=1531229202&hsa_net=adwords&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9b_4BRCMARIsADMUIyoKog7Jn1h5a8haqFCG86Qm28dB07mGlC1oQJ007AtYPkk0eae0Lx0aAmL_EALw_wcB But Amazon has it for much cheaper. Good luck!
  2. pixierose

    How Does This End?

    So dainty, some Texans. A piece of cloth to emit such hostility ... Here, children of the US - take your bullet proof backpacks through your locked doors and practice those shooter drills without complaint ... and ladies, it’s alright that we have tabs on your uteri ... but grown men can’t wear a piece of CLOTH ...
  3. You’re right. You’re absolutely, totally right. I miss the old AN. Yes, there were quite a few threads that had themes of hostility interwoven... but there was logic on both sides. You stepped away and learned from a different perspective. Might not always agree, but you could understand and see it. Sometimes you even adjusted the view. I’m tired. I’m tired of the idiocy of the select few that impacts the many. It’s almost amusing when one cries, “tyranny!” or “freedom” when it’s so damn simple. Clearly one doesn’t understand the price of freedom, or realize true tyranny. I’m heartbroken when I think of those I lost - a coworker, familiar patients - and frustrated that I worked so hard in a COVID unit ... only to be told I’m “afraid” and to “hide.” I go out every day, to work or to run errands, to live my life, wearing my mask so that others may live - it’s second nature at this point. Others do the same so that me, an immunocompromised former cancer patient, may live life as well. And here, in the NE - WE ARE OPEN. Such stupidity, yet here I am ... trying to address it like it will matter. It hasn’t yet, and I doubt it will. You’re right. So absolutely right. So I am done. The majority of posters here have common sense, critical thinking and I’m sure are excellent nurses - and that’s what counts.
  4. And that’s the problem: “we don’t have the join you.” I worked on my COVID unit at the height of the peak here in the NE until late June (when it closed). I actually felt quite safe working there. I’m afraid of people with your mindset, not “scared of Corona.” I wear my mask to protect the freedom of others. Drivel such as that stated above will continue to keep states from fully opening, continue to get people sick (yes, even the young and healthy). The U.S. is to be pitied. You don’t know the meaning of tyranny.
  5. Sure, whatever. Does it matter to Boston’s response? It’s truly, truly simple. Easy, really. Wear a mask. Apparently that causes one to question ones freedom. A fight from tyranny! We are better than this. Why, WHY at this point people are *still* arguing about masks, about it being “like the flu,” or “a super flu,” or equating it to other morbidities ... I am sad for us as a country. The lack of social responsibility and critical thinking is beyond the pale. True freedom isn’t doing whatever you want without any consequence. Such a perverted definition of freedom, such people hold.
  6. Fascinating thing, perspective. The 10th commandment, for one: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" It is up to state governors to issue and lift orders for people to stay at home/mandate masks/etc. Evidently, the president, VP and certain governors (I.e., TX, FL) that had one perspective pursued one direction, while other governors pursued a different direction (I.e. the tri state area). The tri State area is now open for business and flourishing, while the other perspective is closing down due to record breaking numbers. No, this “individual liberty” is a misunderstood concept that demonstrates many Americans don’t understand the definition of ‘tyranny’ and have never undergone true hardship.
  7. There’s more to reproductive rights then abortion. No government official has a right to my (hypothetical) birth control, education, access to reproductive health care, etc. Yet, here we are.
  8. You clearly didn’t read any of the articles I posted, as the Surgeon General’s quote is non applicable at this point in time. It’s a tired argument. A few odd things about your post: Eating unhealthy food is not equivalent to a communicable disease; I can’t “catch” the diabetes from you. Individual liberty does not dismiss personal responsibility. Interestingly, the very definition of liberty is “the responsible use of freedom under the rule of law without depriving anyone else of their freedom.” Note: “responsible.” Americans have such a strange definition of liberty; they note the first definition (“the ability to do as one pleases”) but entirely neglect that second part. I find it weirdly dismissive that someone refuses to put on a mask but oddly wants to have a say in a woman’s reproductive right - because, interestingly many of your more conservative lawmakers are in this very position. And, yes, I’ll put this in there as a tidbit because it’s applicable. I wear a mask to protect fellow Americans. It’s the patriotic, most unselfish thing to do. Those who say “don’t like it or move” are the unpatriotic ones who clearly misunderstood their definitions.
  9. Prizing individual autonomy over social responsibility is what has contributed to driving the the U.S. death rate so high as compared to other countries. Such a bunch of snowflakes. And, yes, the death rate has decreased - however, COVID presents with long-term complications. This is why I question you working on a COVID unit; it’s not only death, it’s the recovery afterward (I.e., scarring of the lungs, heart damage, neurological defects). I do find it fascinating that the very party that has made mandatory masking political (yes, Trump has politicized it) is also the very party that feels the need to control a woman’s uterus ... but that’s another thread. Some links about mask wearing (again) that you won’t read (again). https://www.Google.com/amp/s/www.sciencenews.org/article/covid-19-coronavirus-why-wearing-masks-controversial/amp https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-06/uoc-wfu060920.php https://voxeu.org/article/unmasked-effect-face-masks-spread-covid-19
  10. It’s not so much a view of death and suffering so much as the recklessness of it - many of these people didn’t have to die. However, I’m curious- what is your data, your sources RE: such futility? You (and AHWTL) appear to have an either/or approach - either you stay in a plastic bubble or are doomed to stay indoors, quarantined ... or are free to go with whimsy. The simple middle ground - a mandatory mask, for example - is an infringement of rights, a debacle, etc. Rights =\ lack of responsibility. We are seeing first hand how “responsible” those in Texas, or Florida, have been ... and what it has led to. Again, the NE was hard hit back in April/May. Here we are now: http://c-hit.org/2020/07/07/coronavirus-faqs-resources/ https://www.Google.com/amp/s/www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/new-data-shows-ct-on-track-to-contain-covid-19/2298588/%3famp This was us then: https://www.Google.com/amp/s/www.courant.com/coronavirus/hc-news-coronavirus-connecticut-death-rate-covid-20200501-t47wbjyqebc5hcqrzcsthkv7fu-story.html%3foutputType=amp CT is hardly trampling on our “rights” - mainly because residents are clearly out and about, dining outside/vacationing/working/etc. I’ll happily wear a mask to keep getting my hair cut, or to see family. The sad part - the recklessness of such “responsible” American citizens is going to stop this - again. Businesses will close, schools won’t open. People that didn’t have to die are going to die - again. People equate “rights” with lack of responsibility, and what an unAmerican concept that is.
  11. *No one* who has worked in a COVID unit would ever say what you are saying now. Being in the NE, working on a COVID unit from March-June ... those experiences will forever color my view of this virus. ... A free country doesn’t equate a lack of responsibility. People such as yourself don’t seem to understand that. I doubt you ever will. We are seeing first hand, real time, what happens when individuals make “their own choices.” Refer to Boston’s post. As mentioned before, I’m in CT and mask wearing has been mandatory since April. We are hardly nazi Germany. I’ll let our data speak for ourselves.
  12. pixierose

    Fact or Fiction?  Masking and CO2 Dangers

    Was she the one ranting and raving at Trader Joe’s? For the duration she was screaming, if she wore the dang mask, she would’ve been in and out of there. Plus, her lungs sure did give her no issue while she was yelling. These people give me a headache. More than any mask.
  13. pixierose

    Which states leads the U.S in mask-wearing

    Agreed. I’m in CT, where it’s been mandatory by law to wear a mask since late April. People have been incredible about wearing them, and it’s rare that I’ve seen people not wear one. I think it’s largely due to this that CT is one of two states that have actually seen a *decline* in cases this past week. I’d expect the percentage in this article to be higher.
  14. I’m in CT too ... in 100% agreement. Wear a mask, keep the distance = more freedom, not less. (and my nails look pretty)
  15. pixierose

    Family not taking Covid-19 precautions and only myself!

    Like another poster said, you can only control your own actions. Personally, 20 people would be out of my comfort zone, especially as you stated they no longer take precautions. I’ve seen patients test negative in the ED, only to test positive later on (I.e., prior to a surgical procedure), and they’ve been asymptomatic; I’ve also witnessed patients, and a coworker, die from COVID. It was traumatic to experience. To subject myself, and my kids, for some burnt hotdogs so I might further expose vulnerable patients? So, *for me* - no. I hope it worked out for you today.
  16. pixierose

    3 things I'll ignore on TV

    What are living room interviews? Am I already ignoring them?
  17. Oh sweet Jesus, I’m actually (kinda) agreeing with Juniper. As nurses I think we do, *to an extent*, have choice as to who we take care of when we accept an assignment. I’ve been lucky to work with coworkers that have switched with me for whatever reason, and vice versa (I.e., patient threatened me, or attacked a coworker ... which happens in psych and the ED). In regards to the Tulsa rally, or BLM, volunteer wise we would have a choice ... but if these patients landed in our hospitals - I would think most (if not all) of us would care for them regardless of our partisan viewpoints. Reading the OP, I’m going to safely assume OP was referring to the Trump rally (but, whether it was a partisan issue only s/he can say). Hopefully the OP will come back to elaborate.
  18. pixierose

    covid unit safety

    You made it - the first year. Give yourself a pat on the back! Don’t ever worry about “complaining” (which I say in quotes because it sounds like you weren’t - you were telling it like it was, if you were anything like this post). Sometimes you have to express concerns related to the safety of your patients. It sounds like the unit manager called YOU, and you appeared to express yourself honestly and professionally. If others take your feedback negatively, the onus is on them. Look at this move in a positive way - you were looking for a new unit, so this may work out for you.
  19. pixierose

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    A cape. Rainbow, of course.
  20. pixierose

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Oh no! Hide the (white) children!
  21. pixierose

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Ah, but a few things. We are not in that thread. I did not see your sources until you mentioned them. You have cited nothing here. Now that I read through that thread, a point: your data is misleading. There is currently no accurate data base to quantify who is killed by the police each year, although attempts are indeed being made. This has been pointed out several times in the thread you mentioned and in other threads you have participated in; thus, it appears that you are the one having issues with the data not fitting perceived worldviews. Here are a few examples, quite evidence based, however you didn’t read them in its entirety the first time I posted them in a different thread. Perhaps you will now. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0749379716303841 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6080222/ Maybe you can cease with the “logical fallacies” and be polite - it does nothing for the conversation.
  22. pixierose

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Meh. You’re just stirring the pot. I thought you were leaving? While I am for listening to opposing viewpoints, what I’m seeing is you just resorting to incendiary retorts with no true substance. At least with posters I typically disagree with (juniper comes to mind), I do learn from him and where he is coming from - from you? You’re just looking for an argument for the sake of arguing.
  23. pixierose

    Coronavirus Second Wave?

    You know what’s getting bloody old? Being told I should be sitting at home because I’m one of the vulnerable populations so “the rest of society” can get moving. Meanwhile, if other people would just wear their damn masks and maintain social distancing, the battle is halfway won right there. Reading stories about reporters getting booted off planes because “I have rights!” to the president and Vice President setting the most ridiculous examples, to the couple I saw at Target yesterday loudly proclaiming “its fine!” when not social distancing in the line and getting right up into someone’s booty space ... knock it off! (insert someone’s comment about the protesters et al - I’m waiting) Also, it’s also getting old using the same N95 at work for the last 7 days, but that’s an entirely different thread.
  24. pixierose

    allnurses decennary

    Chinese ducks eating Pakistani locusts ... all of a sudden, everything in my life feels much lighter.
  25. pixierose

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    I don’t know about you, but I got into nursing for the money. But hey, I’ll take my gold star and halo if you’re handing them out. I do think you’re reading the wrong threads, or you are going into them with the attitude that you’re not going to gain anything by them. Are you merely speaking of yourself when you state that others are so deeply entrenched in their narrative? I’ve seen a great many eloquent posts written by posters (macawake, adventureRN and NurseBlaq come to mind), and discourse that has indeed been respectful. Look at this thread alone. Nothing deleted, edited. Some narratives changing. Nah, politics shouldn’t be “cornered,” or hidden in the break room, for so many of the reasons other posters provided. If you truly think they’re that vapid, don’t click on the thread.

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