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  1. Mango Juice

    What's the oddest thing you've done for a student?

  2. Mango Juice

    I’ve hit a new low...

    All all of mine disappeared too! I do love when they bring back the bags full of water and tell me that it melted. Funny thing about ice!
  3. Mango Juice

    I’ve hit a new low...

    Great idea, but too tempting for my oftentimes dramatic population.
  4. Mango Juice

    I’ve hit a new low...

    I am putting water in ziplocks and freezing them for ice packs.
  5. Mango Juice

    Local diabetes clinic

    To quote one of you, what the focalin?!
  6. Mango Juice

    my middle schoolers are running The Mile tomorrow

    I would, but mine run EVERY Friday in the fall and spring. Oh, and they go swimming EVERYDAY at the end of the school year. OK, OK...good luck!
  7. Mango Juice

    what I did today

    Did you trace your hand to make the turkeys? For a play on words?
  8. Mango Juice

    How to leave hospice?

    Decided to delete my comment
  9. Mango Juice

    Happy National School Nurse's Day

    I can't believe this (ellipsis queen), but you made a typo... It is OK. I will still celebrate you on our special day!!!
  10. Mango Juice

    Go to the nurse.

    All of these are funny and true, but the tap shoes have me laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants. Then I would have to go to the school nurse for a new pair of pants!!!
  11. Mango Juice

    Toxicity worries

    Is it the same kid(s)? What age(s)? Any developmental delays?
  12. Mango Juice

    Newly Graduated Nurse

    Welcome and congrats! Of course, review posts on this forum! Also check out these websites: FARE, American Diabetes Association, Epilepsy Foundation. NASN has great resources as well. And review your policies and procedures.
  13. Mango Juice

    In Defense of the LTC Nurse

    THANK YOU!!!
  14. Mango Juice

    How do you store your inhalers/spacers???

    Inhalers and spacers fit in a pencil box. (So do epi pens and diastat.)
  15. Mango Juice

    State Surveyors Are Here...What Do You Do?

    Wash my hands a lot