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COVID19 efforts around school?


Hi all,

Has anyone tried anything like a ‘drop everything and clean’ announcement at school for staff/students to wipe down surfaces or electronics?

I am finding that some teachers are really being really diligent while others are being blasé, but consistency and efforts all around are what might help.

Any other ideas or successes? What we have done so far is education and increased cleaning/hand washing.

Thank you!

NurseInTheHall, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics; School Nurse. Has 9 years experience.

We have been cleaning like crazy these past 2 weeks. I actually had to send out an email on Tuesday evening to remind the teachers to take it easy with their rogue cleaners because the fumes were getting out of hand. I sent out some basic cleaning tips to inform faculty and staff, and the cleaning and maintenance crews of the cleaning products recommending by the CDC and what not to mix with what (bleach and ammonia) and then I was able to obtain and distribute appropriate cleaners to be used on campus.

I'm very glad that frequently touched surfaces are now being cleaned routinely, but at this point, I'm still more concerned with person-to-person spread than surface-to-person spread. I welcome any SB evidence about how long it lives on surfaces - so far it all seems speculative and possible overreaching... 2 to 9 days with 9 being under the perfect temperature and humidity conditions? I need to know more about this.

I visited each class to refresh the importance of handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes and showed them the results of the handwashing experiment (the one where the kids touch bread with dirty hands, then wash with soap&water or use hand sanitizer or hand wipes, then touch a different slice and wait to see what grows). I think the visual was especially helpful as I was blown away by the great cough covering and handwashing I saw this past week (the bathroom sinks are visible from the hallway) and received numerous messages of thanks from parents and teachers. I followed up a few days later by sending out some great Myth-Busters videos on sneezing and handwashing for the teachers to show in classrooms. I also spoke at the faculty meetings to tell them what I had just taught the kids - with the underlying thought that it would be a good reminder for them to wash and to stop hand coughing - yuck! and to clean their phones. I am certain it made an impact as they were allowing more opportunities and sufficient time for students to stop and wash. I'm sure I'll need to continue to refresh this message on a regular basis when we return, whenever that may be...

They closed my school. What a relief.