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  1. jlgaut

    TAMUCC ELine BSN (Fall 2016)

    Hi all! I am applying for the program and live in Temple (off 35, between Austin and Waco). I am waiting to get into the actual school first, hopefully should hear something soon. This will be my second Bachelors (first was in biology). Need to take 4 pre-requisites, but should be good to get into the Spring 2017 session.
  2. jlgaut

    TAMU-CC Eline BSN

    I shot you a text. Awesome news about both your wife getting the job and you getting into TAMU-CC! Hopefully I will hear back soon about my main application to the school so I can get those pre-reqs knocked out. My goal is to start the actual nursing program Spring 2017. I hope we can take some classes and clinicals together, I will do my best to get started ASAP! I appreciate your help with a referral and talk to you soon!
  3. jlgaut

    Texas A&M- Corpus BSN eLine

    They do offer an online version for the didactic portion, and will set up preceptors in your area for the clinical portions. The eLine version can be completed in 15 months if you have all the prerequisites complete.
  4. jlgaut

    TAMU-CC Eline BSN

    Hey nursing_n00b, How did it go, did you get in?? I applied for the school, I have to do four pre-reqs which isn't bad at all in my opinion.
  5. Is anyone applying for the TAMU-CC eLine program for Spring 2017? Hoping to find some fellow future classmates!
  6. jlgaut

    TAMU-CC Eline BSN

    That is awesome to hear that there is someone close by! Sending you some good vibes to hear good news back! I bet you will not have any problems! Where is your wife applying, maybe I can help. I work at the South Campus in Merchandising and McLane does have a referral program so maybe I can put in a good word? Yeah, I really would like to get a job at S&W that would be more relevant (and more flexible) to getting a nursing degree... I have applied to four jobs, but haven't heard anything back yet. Hopefully will soon, if you have any pointers, I would sure appreciate it! Luckily, I will start volunteering in the ED at S&W next week so I will get some experience there. Thanks for the information about the eLine advisor, it has been rather difficult getting in touch with someone. I finally have a call scheduled on Monday to discuss the program with an advisor (maybe Mr. Ramos). Since I still need to take the nurse prerequisites, and maybe one or two other classes, I will probably apply for the Spring 17 start. I would like to go ahead and apply for the Fall but doubt I could with my lack of prerequisites. Hopefully that will also give me some time to find a more relevant job. I am new to this forum, but if you want to exchange contact info, maybe I can message it to you somehow. Really good to hear about your success!
  7. jlgaut

    UT Arlington Clinicals

    I am interested in this program as well, let me know what you find out!
  8. jlgaut

    TAMU-CC Eline BSN

    Hi nursing_n00b. I live in Belton and currently work at McLane in Temple. Hoping to get a job at S&W as well to help with going to nursing school (the business world isn't the best at being supportive of that). I have a BS in Biology with a Chem/Psych minor. I am also considering this program, because of their partnership with S&W. Hopefully we will talk to each other more, it is nice having someone close by!
  9. I have a call with you all on Monday afternoon to discuss the program!
  10. jlgaut


    I live in Central Texas as well (Temple) and am considering this program. I am married, already have one BS and some masters credits, and need to work full time while attending. I know it will be pretty crazy, but I am dedicated to this career change. How difficult was it get a clinical location in central Texas? S&W is right down the road, so that would be awesome!