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  1. Anybody contacted for PCU 200? On the careers website, they posted 1 opening each for a bunch of units! (Bass, PICU, 300 and 200)—which they usually do when they pick their candidates...
  2. I was wondering if the panel/managers that you interviewed with said that if we don’t hear back by a certain day, we should email them? I got something along those lines but I’m not sure if they meant HR or them (they gave me their business cards). ...
  3. Yes! I hope so too! What day did you interview?
  4. Anybody heard from PCU 200? I know their unit interviews were this week!
  5. Hey guys! Congrats to everyone who received an interview! I received an invitation for a second round around 3:30pm—and then when I checked my email again, I received a rejection at 4:15pm! Does anyone have a similar situation? I emailed Danielle but...
  6. UCLA New Graduate Residency Winter 2019-2020

    @nurseeeeb Hi, I received an interview for Peds Acute Care! It’s only a 20-min slot so I prepared heavily for behavioral questions. What kind of scenario questions do they ask? Prioritization? Or is it kinda like a step-by-step/what would you do? Tha...
  7. UCLA New Graduate Residency Winter 2019-2020

    Thank you for clarifying! Still keeping hope, but trying to be prepared for anything, hahah! My status changed from "in review" today. Applied for #1 Peds and #2 Med/Surg Tele. Does anyone know if they do separate interview process/rejection emails ...
  8. CHLA RN Residency March 2020

    I applied for Heart Institute and have not heard anything yet! Crossing my fingers
  9. Lucille Packard Children's Hospital New Grad Program - Fall 2019

    Congrats pedspedsnurse! I also interviewed for Acute Care Unit(s)! I was wondering if you had heard back the day after your interview or was it the week after? I interviewed Tuesday July 2nd and still waiting on an update......
  10. UCSF Medical Center New Grad Residency 2019

    Any word on the Children's Hospital? Have all of the units finished calling their potentials?
  11. SJSU Fall 2016

    I just received an email today about the Background check. But I'm not sure if we're supposed to get more info because the email only had instructions for signing up...
  12. SJSU Fall 2016

    @Ahri Congratssss! Glad to hear your wait is over. For everyone else, did you guys receive the snail mail packet yet? The email said the end of the week but I haven't received it! I live in San Francisco.
  13. SJSU Fall 2016

    @thao22 I just received an email from the nursing school! Look out for yours!
  14. SJSU Fall 2016

    I got my acceptance letter today too! For those who did their intent to enroll and paid the 70 dollars today, it says "This step (third step) will not complete until we have uploaded your payment confirmation into Next Steps which could take 2-3 busi...
  15. SJSU Fall 2016

    Hi guys, so I called the Nursing School today and I talked to a very lovely lady who apologized for the delay and the immense amount of waiting they have made us go through! But she said they will send it today and that it will be sent through Nursin...