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  1. I recently started a position in an assisted living part time. They have a RCD/Nurse that full time and I was hired for her days off basically. My issue is everything is on paper! I'm wondering if any wellness nurses have any tips or helpful spreadsheets for organizing the assessments, falls, ect. ??
  2. I am starting the nigjts and evening program at lmrc in January. I am wondering what your work schedule.was like...how many hours a week? Days off? Tips to coordinate both work and school.
  3. khinds87

    prior lmrc student input

    I have been accepted into the lmrc program for nights and weekends. I was offered a 30 hour position with 1-2 days off during the week and no weekends as an MA while I go through school. I'm wondering how much people have been able to work while going through the night and evening division there. I would hate to take on this job and then not be able to handle it while in school. would love to here from prior or current students on there thoughts and opinions.
  4. khinds87

    August 2016 RN LMRC

    I have been excepted for jan 2017. So excited. Would love to here any feedback or tips of how its going so far
  5. khinds87

    August 2016 RN LMRC

    Im still waiting. Sent app around memorial day. I got into nscc lpn program and just waiting on regis. Is it worth the wait and hold.on school if i dont hear back by sept or should.i go ahead with lpn
  6. khinds87

    LPNs in Mass...

    Are you an lpn? Is it worth going from ma to lpn? Got in to lpn but still waiting on assoc rn school. It could.take another few months. Am i better off going lon or waiting
  7. Could u be more specific? Did the checklist include all end of day dutys on one sheet. Did they hand it in to someone. I feel some staff sign off but dont actually do it...how to we make them accountable
  8. We are having an issue in my office where urine samples are being left overnight because the staff is forgeting to dispise of samples that dont need to go to lab. What do you do in your offices.?
  9. khinds87

    Lawrence Memorial/ Regis

    Have u started at lmrc yet? Are u an lpn?
  10. khinds87

    August 2016 RN LMRC

    How long did it take to hear back
  11. khinds87

    Lawrence Memorial/ Regis

    What is the turn around time to hear back on the application
  12. khinds87

    Salem state nursing program questions

    How competative is ssu nursing program do they accept.in spring and fall
  13. khinds87

    Registered Medical Assistant pay?

    What is the pay diffirence from ma.to lpn
  14. khinds87

    August 2016 RN LMRC

    I havnt yet. I was waiting to finiah a and p 1. How r ur grades..what classs have u taken?
  15. khinds87

    August 2016 RN LMRC

    Im hoping too. How long did it take u to hear back from them
  16. khinds87

    HELP ! LPN admin essay

    I am in the process of applying for the lpn program at my local community college. There are 5 essays we have to write. I am stuck on the final essay which is I understand everyones handbook is probably a little different but any tips or suggestions to get this started would be great. Thanks