HELP ! LPN admin essay


I am in the process of applying for the lpn program at my local community college. There are 5 essays we have to write. I am stuck on the final essay which is

Discuss two policies in the Practical Nursing Student Handbook and the impact they will have on you while you are in the Program.

I understand everyones handbook is probably a little different but any tips or suggestions to get this started would be great.


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Perhaps provide a link to their handbook if it's available online for us to reference and describe what you are thinking about covering currently?

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This topic is rather self-explanatory. Pick two policies out of the handbook (for instance: attendance, academic honesty, instructors' office hours) and discuss how they may have an impact on you.

Every policy in the handbook will have some sort of impact on you as a student. This assignment involves some thinking and common sense. Good luck to you.