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  1. marteemar

    Duke Neuro Units

    Hi Ruby, My apologies on the delay. I haven't gotten a response back yet from my colleague yet. Anyhow, Just remember to read their relocation assistance/student loan repayment criteria. I don't do contracts because if it's not the right fit, it's difficult to get out of them, especially if the enviornment is toxic. I have worked in places over 3-5 years so, I don't necessarily jump around but I have seen colleagues miserable and feel stuck because some units want you to commit to a year or more and you just don't know but that's my take. To each his own. I am glad you are not limiting yourself to them. Duke out of UNC and WakeMed pays the lowest salary and indicate that their benefits make up for it but not necessarily true depending on what you're seeking. Big Duke, as we call the largest campus, requires employees to pay for parking which can easily amass over $100 and you don't even have premium parking. Little Duke (Duke Regional is free parking). I enjoyed the professional development that was definitely a plus. I learned a lot on Cardiac Stepdown but had I remained in NC, I would've sought working at WakeMed instead. I just needed something different and closer to home. And that's another thing to consider if you want to reside in Durham, Brier Creek area, or Raleigh-the two latter greater distances but may provide better living options. It would be important to take a trip and visit the areas. I lived in Raleigh it took about 30-40 minutes to get to work on a good day. That's not bad but with all of the construction it wasn't pretty, especially if working night shift. As far as interviewing, I think it depends on the interviewer. I came out as a new grad so interviews were not difficult at all. Very basic questions regarding why you want to work on a cardiac unit. It was more of me doing the interview and in my opinion. I believe it was their way to judge your personality and if you'd be a good fit for the unit. Be yourself, questions weren't difficult but again that was based on the interviewer (I was interviewed by my manager and lead nurse). I have friends who work at Wake Med and UNC and love it, however none of them are on neuro units, which is a different beast, of course. Look at what everyone is offering and determine what's necessary for you. I'll hit up my friend from Duke who's on a neurostepdown unit again. Hope this helps and good luck on your interview!
  2. marteemar

    Maryland Hospital hiring ADN New grads?!

    More than likely you will find employment. I hope in one of your courses, you all will complete a project about career planning, we did the semester before last and it was extremely helpful. Be open to where you apply as well.

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