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  1. AnxiousFutureRN

    2017 CA BRN and DUI

    Did you get your license?
  2. AnxiousFutureRN

    Sharp New Grad Residency Spring 2019

    Now that the site is back up again -- Curious if anyone else on here got the interview Invite for Sharp CV ICU track? I interviewed on 1/10/19 and was told they still had about half the interviews to go... So I would be notified by phone call regardless of the outcome in about 2 weeks. I was also told that the actual residency wouldn't actually begin for about another 6-8 weeks (at that time). Something about them being short for available preceptors at this particular point in time.
  3. AnxiousFutureRN

    Sharp New Grad Residency Spring 2019

    Just figured I'd start the thread! Applied to MICU/SICU & Med Surg/PCU for my second choice. Unsure why I applied as I am unlikely to be licensed by Feb 7th but - Wishful thinking I guess! Graduation date is 12/15/18. :) Best of luck to everyone!