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  1. USI PMHNP 2019

    Anyone starting USI's PMHNP program Fall 2019? Also reaching out to current or previous USI NP students for advice and networking Cheers, Jordan

    I got into the VA as a new nurse, so it is possible! I think you have a great chance to get it especially having your BSN vs ADN. Working for the VA is the best! Good luck!

    We work 9-hour shifts with every other Friday off. I have always thought four 10 hour shifts would work out well but have never asked if I could switch.
  4. VA Case Management

    How are you liking your CM role? I am considering taking on this role at my local VA. How is the workload? Are you able to work remote? Thank you!

    They usually ask 6-8 PBI questions, from my experience! But as they say, all VAs are different!

    I think you have a very good likelihood of at least getting an interview! Make sure to study Performance Based Interview (PBI) questions as these will be the bulk of the interview. The process is long, so definitely keep your current job.

    Where are you working? I just accepted a position as a Care Coordinator for the specialty clinics at the VA. How are you liking your role so far?
  8. RN Care Coordinator

    Anyone at the VA working as a Care Coordinator or Referral Coordinator Team (RCT)? I know this is a newer position - just looking for insight on the role! thank you!

    Go with VA! Even if your first job within the VA is not what you want it to be it's good to get your foot in the door now. There are many new positions that are going hybrid or full time remote. I have been with the VA for 7+ years and am working in ...
  10. Veteran Affairs (VA) Case Management

    Following! I also just accepted a VA Case Management position and would like more information. Which VA are you looking at?
  11. VA Case Manager

    Following! I recently accepted a job as a case manager/consult specialist and am looking for any information! I have been at the VA for 7 years between med surg and home based primary care.
  12. VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Education, projects, leadership, years of experience, etc. I don't think there is an exact formula it all depends on how well you write your 9 dimensions and who's reading it. I am not a member of the board though, so this is just from my experience.
  13. VA Nurse Pay Scales

    For Nurse 2 or above it's every two years.
  14. Hi MALR, I really enjoyed the program! The best part is that you can do all the assignments ahead of time. I wound do most of the work the first 2-3 weeks and then cruise the rest of the quarter. Staff were always available and navigating the online ...
  15. Caregiver Support RN VA

    Does anyone have experience working as a Caregiver Support RN at the VA? Would love to hear about your experience. Feel free to message me directly! Thank you!
  16. Informatics RN VA

    Hi! I'm interested to know if you got the job or not? I am considering applying for a VA Informatics position in Nashville. I currently work for the VA, so I can say if they call your references, you are usually in good shape! Look forward to hearing...
  17. $34.00/hour - Nashville TN - 5 years experience. I work M-F, so no shift diff.
  18. USI PMHNP 2019

    Ok - I will start to look for those sites as well! Did USI provide you with any preceptors?
  19. USI PMHNP 2019

    Thank you! I drive quite a lot for work, so podcasts will be great! I wanted to also ask you... did USI require any adolescent/pediatric hours?
  20. VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Thank you! I too would like to stay with the VA - dispite the low pay . What department do you work?
  21. VA Nurse Pay Scales

    As a new grad (BSN), you are going to start at that level. I don't think there is anything you could have done because you don't have experience. What you can do now is focus on getting your Nurse 2 by joining committees, doing in-services, projects,...
  22. psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner salary

    PMHNP Man, Do you mind me asking what VA you work at? I am a PMHNP student currently working for the VA in Home Based Primary Care and am hoping to stay with the VA after certification. How do you like your current role?
  23. USI PMHNP 2019

    You are awesome! I greatly appreciate it. I am doing the post-masters certificate, which is just one class per semester, so I hope to be able to work full time until the very end! Good luck with your last semester and future!!
  24. USI PMHNP 2019

    Thank you so much for the advice! It is hard to find USI alum! I have Stahl's prescribers guide, what other texts would you recommend? Did you work full time while in school (besides the last semester)?
  25. USI PMHNP 2019

    So you attended USI? How did you like the program?