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  1. WAboundSN

    CSUSM ABSN Fall 2019

    You won't need a stethoscope or shoes until second semester. First semester is all pre-nursing, you won't be performing any hands on skills and you'll just be wearing regular clothes to class. So you have a year before you'll need any of these items. Almost everyone goes with the Classic III, it's good quality for the price. I have been an EMT and ER Tech for a while and a lot of the RNs use a Classic III also. I used my Classic III that I've had for years during second semester, but recently decided to upgrade to a Cardiology IV. While the sound quality is better, is it also more sensitive, and I have heard both from experienced nurses and some of my friends in class who have tried it that it is too sensitive. For example, when listening to heart sounds, it easily picks up bowel sounds too, which can be distracting to some. So for some it's good, others not so much. Again, shoes you won't need until second semester and they will discuss uniforms at your orientation, which is usually the Friday before your first week of class. Yes they need to be all white, but I'd recommend holding off on buying anything for now until after orientation.
  2. Title says it all...I've read about them and seen them online yet never seen one be used in person. Anyone's facility using them or have any experience with them? Are they as amazing as they look?
  3. WAboundSN

    Is there something wrong with me? Too much studying?

    Thank you! I do outings with my dog, go for walks, and play ice hockey from time to time...maybe not as much as before I was in school, but I do try to do some physical activity. Thank you for your insight. I'm similar in that I really do enjoy it, whereas others view it as as hassle. I gave up my previous steady career and lifestyle to be where I am today because this is what I felt truly passionate about. I was just talking to one of the trauma nurses I work with in the ER and she was saying she just doesn't see the same head down drive and focus in new grad RN's that she used to. Yeah I'm comfortable with my work-life balance and she is too. I feel my mental health is good and if I cut back, I feel like I'd be less prepared, which may cause me some worry, but I could cut back if I needed.
  4. WAboundSN

    Is there something wrong with me? Too much studying?

    No, probably 12 hours each day, times 3 days a week. I have straight A's so far two semesters in.
  5. WAboundSN

    Is there something wrong with me? Too much studying?

    I'm in clinical two days a week and lecture one day a week, so I don't study much, if at all, on those days. The one day I work I study maybe 6 hours. That leaves me with 3 days that I study about 12 hours. My studying mainly consists of reading. I like to try and read all of the assigned chapters, whereas I know a lot of other students don't even buy the textbooks and just rely on lecture and powerpoints. I usually read the assigned chapters and make flashcards as I go through them. Then once I'm done reading, I'll study the flashcards. I guess when I have 4-5 chapters to read a day that are 25-50 pages long, plus breaks and flashcards, it consumes quite a bit of my time. It's been a lot of work, but I've been successful as I was within the top couple students of my 60 student cohort on every test last semester.
  6. So I'm just starting my third semester of a six semester ABSN program. I really enjoy school, I like learning new things, I get satisfaction in good grades, and I like having as much knowledge as possible so I can do better as a student and in my career. I work one per week per diem as an ER Tech and use that to try and further my knowledge as well. If I'm not at clinical, lecture, or working, I'm at home studying. I do spend evenings with my girlfriend cooking, playing games, watching movies, etc., and spend time during the day doing things with my dog. My girlfriend and I occasionally go out to dinner, but right now while I'm in school, we don't go out and do much. She's an RN and also teaches at a local nursing school, so she's equally as busy. We're both content with the time we spend together and I'm happy with my level of "personal time." That being said, I have no problem waking up early and studying all day for 12-14 hours, then spending the evening with my girlfriend. My classmates give me a lot of crap because they tell me I study too much, work too hard, don't have enough personal time, etc. Is there something wrong with the routine I have? Is this something I should change? Was anyone else like me?
  7. WAboundSN

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN Spring 2019

    Who ever is in charge of your Facebook group needs to start approving pending requests...just saying...
  8. WAboundSN

    CSUSM ABSN Summer 2019

  9. I tried searching for this topic and the most recent one I found was 10 years ago, so I'm looking for some updated information. Just how important are you grades in nursing school? Our instructors always tell us, "C's get degrees", which very well may be true, but do C's get jobs is the bigger question. Do employers ask new grads for grades, GPA's, or transcripts? Would someone with a 3.8-4.0 in nursing school have an easier time getting a job in today's job market than someone with say a 3.0? I'm coming to the end of my second semester of six in an ABSN program and should hopefully keep my 4.0, but it causes me a lot of worry and stress as I'm always focusing or worried about school, grades, and finding a job.
  10. WAboundSN

    WGU So Cal August Cohort

    Glad to hear it's finally working out for you!
  11. WAboundSN

    Help applying to WGU Prelicensure BSN California

    I was accepted a year or so ago, but my cohort was cancelled, so I went elsewhere. They recently lost a lot of their clinical partners. My understanding is they only have clinical placements at Cedars Sinai and Huntington Memorial now; however, to be considered for the Cedars cohorts, you have to be an employee of Cedars. Might want to consider other options incase it doesn't work out. It's also extremely competitive, you'll likely need 3.5+ GPA, prior healthcare experience, and a 90+ on the TEAS. They don't reveal their selection criteria, but these are the things most commonly looked at.
  12. WAboundSN

    question about subpoena

    As others have said, it could be a process server, and that's why he said he's just the messenger. Process servers do not work for the law firm or the court, but can legally serve you with a subpoena. If you refuse to take the paperwork, they'll usually just drop it at your feet, which is considered lawful service (at least here in California). Did they leave the paperwork? If so, use Google and see if the phone number and law firm appear legit. If so, call the law firm and inquire about it. Don't give them any credit card information, social security number, etc. though because they wouldn't need that information and then it would definitely be a scam.
  13. WAboundSN

    Good area to relocate to?

    Seems like a lot of places in Phoenix are hiring, the area is rapidly growing and there's a lot of residency programs out there.
  14. WAboundSN

    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    No, there's no nursing shortage, especially for newly graduated, inexperienced nurses. In Southern California, some newly graduated nurses spend over a year trying to get their first job, with many of them having to take jobs outside of acute care. With experience, it's easier to get a job than without; however, location also plays a big part in it. Places where everyone wants to live, such as California, means jobs are more difficult to come by. Don't let nursing schools fool you into thinking there is a shortage, they have a financial interest in pumping out students. Also, as someone else posted, there is a big difference between hospitals being short staffed and hospitals not being able to hire nurses. The hospitals choose to run short staffed and not hire nurses because its financially advantageous for them to do so - force people to work more and take on a heavier load, reduce staff, and increase profits. If their staff doesn't like it, there's a thousand people waiting on the doorstep for a job that will like it, or at least not complain about it. Nurses are easily replaceable.