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  1. Australia or US?

    I'm a member of a regional occupational health nurses association. Thanks, maybe I'll look into something international.. I have seen some international conferences but they are usually pretty pricey!
  2. cic resources

    Hi kevin1987 Just wondering how your studies are going for CIC? I recently looked into it, and am thinking getting certified... From what I gather from the website,, you review on your own and apply for the exam when you're ready??
  3. Hello, I am going through the application for AHPRA... on one section to prove your identity, it states that you have to include an australian passport/australian visa... I am from Canada... should I be applying for a work visa first? My understandin...
  4. Australia or US?

    Hello, I have been a registered nurse for about 4.5years now. I currently work in occupational health in Canada, I started in Cardiac ICU when I first graduated and realized shift work was not for me... the other half of my life is rock climbing, and...