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  1. Hello all, I am a new nurse who had two months of orientation at a hospital, and I have been off for about a month now. Someone mentioned to me the other day that I ask a lot of questions. I am curious if I am asking too many questions to other nurses that makes me come off as incompetent? I ask simple questions that I think I know the answer to, but want more clarification or validation that I am doing it right. Other questions I just do not know the answer to. Sometimes with research I can find the answer, other times my mind is going a mile a minute I don't even think to look up the answer and I just ask their advice. I have asked other nurses their opinions on varying blood pressure readings, holding blood pressure medications with no parameters, giving oral blood sugar medications, calling the Dr., procedural tasks such as straight catheterization or g-tube, patient positioning, helping with manual BP, where exactly to put topical medications, which port to use to infuse medications, ect. Sometimes I ask the same questions twice as well because I just completely forget. I am not lazy, just worried that I will do something wrong if I don't ask even simple questions. I don't want to annoy the other nurses on the floor and I don't want to come off as dumb. Any advice on how to better use my critical thinking skills and possibly stop asking so many darn questions? Is this normal to ask this much for advice, or am I over doing it? Also, I started with a few other brand new nurses and they seem to getting a better hang of things then I am. They are calm, cool and collected at all times and I'm over here having a pretty hard time adjusting still. It is a little discouraging to see them advance so fast. Thanks for your advice!
  2. joytotheworld21

    Owning a dog while in nursing school- really stressed out!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts!! I definitely will have a dog walker for sure if he does live with me, that wouldn't be a problem to get access too. I just feel so bad because he has anxiety, otherwise he is awesome and is well excercised. And I did talk to my vet about it! He got blood tests done and everything came back fine! He's just a frequent pee-er lol
  3. Hello! I I have a small dog that's 3 years old and not fully potty trained. He will have no accidents in the house when someone is home with him at all times, but when I leave, he pees a lot. He never poops in the house just pees! I got him a diaper to help with the mess and accidents in the house and seems to work somewhat when it doesn't leek. He lives with a family member right now while I was away at my first year of nursing school but my sophomore year I will have an apartment and he will be living with me. Unfortunately, they can't take him a second year. I know I have clinicals next year and I will have long days. I love my dog to pieces and want him to live with me, but are the days going to be too long for him? I know a dog walker would be ideal or a family member but my immediate family is not so helpful. My dog also has anxiety when I leave and gets super excited when I come back and is fine after. Just curious what you guys think about my situation! Thank you!!

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