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  1. Does anyone know or can explain the difference between "License by endorsement vs License by endorsement with exam"? I am a CA resident debating to just get CA license first, then endorse vs straight PA license. I'm assuming most employers are okay with a TPP? Temp licenses are hardly used anymore where I am from. P.S. thanks for the info on timelines - it was extremely helpful!
  2. SqrB3ar

    Sanford Relocation Help!

    Anybody still alive out there?
  3. SqrB3ar

    Klamath - Sky Lakes Medical Center

    Did you get an interview?
  4. SqrB3ar

    Chi St Luke Nurse Residency 2018

    Any news?
  5. Hi all! I graduate Aug 2019 and ideally would like to land a job before graduation and upon passing the NCLEX (hopefully early-mid Sept). I've already scouted out a list of hospitals all over CA as far north of the Oregon border to Mexico though it seems most facilities require a license here to be considered, even some rural hospitals. I've noticed states outside of CA are more willing to accept out-of-state applicants if they obtain their state's license prior to start date so I've expanded my search to consider applying to new grad residency programs out of state and noticed that most have cohorts that start January - March for December graduates and June - August for May graduates. I am seriously willing to leave CA if I can have a good offer elsewhere for the experience, even if it's low pay. I rather the experience more than anything! Are there any new grad residency programs that have more start dates like September - November? I'd hate to start work in 2020 or miss out on an opportunity when my graduation/NCLEX dates are right at the cusp! I know this may be too soon to think about, but I like to plan ahead and seek out my options. Thanks in advance.
  6. SqrB3ar

    Where Do I Want to Work?

    From reading these threads, it seems working at the state level is dangerous - little security compared to a jail. What is your personal experience about the different types of psych? I appreciate your input! :)
  7. SqrB3ar

    Bakersfield new grad

    35 seems low for my part of town (Sac) - not sure how long or how much luck you been having with searching for jobs, but if this is what you can only get and absolutely CANNOT commute further out of Bakersfield for a better position, then I would accept it. Always remember, some experience is better than no experience. You can always keep your eyes open if this isn't your ideal dream job/niche. Which facility are you at? Have you tried Kern and Adventist? I know up north Adventist doesn't offer as much for mgmt/corporate positions compared to former Dignity (they're changing their name now d/t a merger), so I'm sure it's probably the same with staff RNs.
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    Where Do I Want to Work?

    :) This.
  9. SqrB3ar

    best advice for a new nursing student

    Congratulations on being accepted into a program! I am a 3rd semester student; a challenging class for me was Complex Adult Health or Critical Care (different schools call it different titles) - the material was fascinating, but what made it tough was that our professor was new to teaching and didn't teach at all, so there wasn't really anyone to ask questions to that had great responses pertaining to the topics we read about. The majority of our class thought that was hard, as well as your standard Med Surg classes. The bulk of school is Fundamentals and Med Surg. Make sure you understand your patho, compensatory mechanisms like when HR, CO, BP, RR and the appropriate nursing interventions/drugs. Airway is always number one as well as patient safety. Have fun!
  10. SqrB3ar

    Where Do I Want to Work?

    I haven't graduated yet but am nearing the end just like you. I loved my ICU rotation but want to specifically work on a burn unit. After my psych rotation just recently, I felt that connecting with patients on an emotional level was what really brought me to want to do nursing in the first place, not just being able to do cool skills like understanding drips, intubation, IVs, or other details. Psych isn't necessarily what many students want to do. I think most people find it scary. For me personally if I can manage my time well if I were to pursue a career in psych, I'd be able to make more of an impact for an undeserved/highly stigmatized population versus working on medical floors (which EVERYONE does already). I'm still unsure because I love ICU 1:2 1:1 care and all the details involved with knowing that patient! Burns is ideal because it's acute care, wound and has psych as well (though psych is everywhere).. But I also love human behavior, being able to interact with my patients and understand their underlying causes to what brought them to their current state in the first place. For me, I'm going to try my best to work on a medical floor (hopefully ICU) and part-time/per-diem on psych to see what fits best. I don't think you really have a clue of what you want to do when you "grow up" until you try it! :) Sorry this wasn't much of help; I'm curious to know how the experienced RNs decided where to start and if they stayed in that specialty or moved to other ones finding their true calling along the way.
  11. SqrB3ar

    Fear-mongering in nursing school?

    Have you ever read about Just Culture?
  12. SqrB3ar

    Denied Nursing School.... Again

    Try a private school. I waited 1 and a half years (I applied to standard colleges/universities all over NorCal: Chico, Napa, Sac, Oakland, Stockton) before applying to the private one and got in immediately. Sure I'll be in a ton of debt, but I can pay that off quickly (I have no other obligations). If this career path is something you really have a passion for, consider making the investment.
  13. SqrB3ar

    Failing Nursing School

    Well, since no one else is willing to splurge then I will. I failed a class, two classes in my life - one in community college (Poli-Sci THE MOST BORINGEST CLASS EVER; I literally would fall asleep in that class, pulled off an A the next time around). And unfortunately I bombed a nursing class by 0.5% literally one question could have spared me. Do I regret it? No way! I needed that to wake myself up! In my personal life, my mind was SO preoccupied on my ex-boyfriend trying to maintain a long distance relationship which should have ended before he went back home to Europe. It was then that I realized I couldn't handle a relationship and school at the same time. I sobbed in my car, I felt it was the end of the world, I felt alone and stupid especially knowing that I had changed my answer on a test to a repeat question and if I hadn't done that, I would have moved on! That CHF question haunted me. It was a patho class. But guess what, next time around I got an A. I'm a much stronger student for that failure. Too many people have no clue what it's like to fail. I'm even on my way to Magna Cum Laud for graduation, can you believe that? I'm one of the top students in my class. I like my cohort better because no one splits themselves up into little cliques, they don't leave anyone behind. And although we've lost some students in our cohort, I am always there to support them like I will with you and anyone who needs it. The feeling sucks, I get that. But it doesn't matter, as long as you're still in the game ready to win. Your failure doesn't define you. Make sure you keep going strong ... keep up healthy habits and give yourself a pat on the back, smile. You're still here. :) You want to be a nurse right? GRIND!
  14. SqrB3ar

    SATA questions help

    Dissect a SATA question by looking at each option separate from the others given. Ask yourself if it is true or false. EXAMPLE: A nurse is planning care for a client to prevent post-op atelectasis. Which of the following interventions should the nurse include in the plan of care? (Select all that apply). A) Encourage the use of the incentive spirometer Q2H B) Instruct to splint incision when coughing and deep breathing C) Re-position the client Q2H D) Administer abx therapy E) Assist with early ambulation Look at option A only. Will this action by the nurse help prevent atelectasis? True or False? Move on to option B - ask the same question. True or false? And so forth ... Your answers should be A (IS aides with breathing), B (post-op patients should splint in order to deep breathe, cough out sputum and reduce risk of the wound from dehiscence), C (repositioning equals movement and also prevents other complications), and E (again, mobilization of secretions and you'd want to try to do this after surgery anyways to prevent other complications). Option D ... giving antibiotics seems like the right thing but the question isn't talking about an infection like pneumonia - also, this is the most invasive action. Break down the question and look over each answer separately. Most importantly, don't OVERTHINK! Also, I know we all want perfect grades, but don't beat yourself up for it too much. You get what you get. As long as you learned from it, move on and apply it better next time. Your scores should improve throughout your nursing journey. It only gets easier since everything starts to make more sense/come together!
  15. SqrB3ar

    Visalia - kaweah delta

    I've heard good things. It's definitely a hospital I'm considering on my list!