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SqrB3ar is a BSN, RN and specializes in Burn ICU.

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  1. Have you been applying to critical care jobs all this time? Are you still eligible for new grad residency programs with a critical care component? I think it is possible... sorry I do not have much advice on what to do! I will say, if you are able to get an interview (outside or within your facility), it is all about how you sell yourself, how your psych skills can be an asset to their unit. Perhaps think about working in med surg part time or per diem as well to show you still have skills. A lot of people think that once you are in psych you lose all nursing skills, but psych gives one invaluable skills that can be applied to all aspects of life. Hopefully an experienced nurse can give you better feedback, I am barely starting my career. Good luck!
  2. SqrB3ar

    Can’t pass the NCLEX

    Not sure why people keep suggesting UWorld when you can fail with any review... nothing is a guarantee. If you are failing at 75 two times, you should really look into why you think you are, study differently, check out those evaluations and go back to reviewing content AND questions/rationales, review content you keep scoring low on. I know people say the amount of questions you get doesn't matter, but if you understand how the CAT is, you'll see you kept going further down away from the passing mark to being a safe nurse. Understand how the test works, its areas, refresh on content, eliminate distraction, positive affirmations, and study your butt off. YOU CAN DO THIS.
  3. SqrB3ar

    NCLEX: Do I HAVE to have UWORLD/Klimek

    Congratulations!!!! Glad you defied the odds in terms of what materials you had used. How did you use the Saunders to study? Did you use your pre-assessment's study plan? Focus on weak areas?
  4. SqrB3ar

    NCLEX: Do I HAVE to have UWORLD/Klimek

    I know exactly what you mean - people keep pressuring me to get UWorld. I don't have the money and quite frankly, people passed NCLEX way before all these special reviews came about. If you've studied hard, done well in nursing school and already have access to a review then use it. If you feel you need more questions, there are tons of other resources out there to help too - it's just based on preference and affordability. I'll be using ATI from school, Saunders and Hesi for Qs to focus on weak areas. I also have been listening to audios just to cement concepts - it's no different than looking it up on YouTube. It may sound like a lot, but nursing is nursing. STUDY hard! People can still fail with all of these expensive reviews, it's up to you to put in the work.
  5. SqrB3ar


    How'd you do? Did you feel ATI prepared you well?
  6. SqrB3ar

    Klamath - Sky Lakes Medical Center

    Good luck to both of you! Congrats Noctor... you planning to become an MD someday?
  7. SqrB3ar

    I'm an RN-BSN new grad and i keep getting rejected. Any tips?

    If you desperately need the money sooner than later (RN pay), try SNF, long term acute care facilities (which usually they have pretty high acuity patients, vents, IVs, etc.) and even try psych hospitals or behavioral units within a hospital (psych is such a valuable experience needed in ALL aspects of nursing - skills can be learned fairly quickly). Also, I suggest you join our Facebook group called RN Interview Tools! If you aren't getting interviews, it's probably your resume. I highly suggest you check our group out. I have gotten an interview (out-of-state though) less than 12 hours for an RN residency Level 1 Trauma with a recruiter willing to consider me for October (no sign-on bonus) when I applied last month, no RN license yet - I grad in August. I think it was the help of that FB group!
  8. Do California hospitals not accept an IP while waiting to test for NCLEX or until active license number pops up anymore? If this is a thing of the past, why is it even an option for purchase? Is it for out-of-state applicants/mgmt or travelers? I have an opportunity out-of-state and they accept temporary licenses.
  9. Does anyone know or can explain the difference between "License by endorsement vs License by endorsement with exam"? I am a CA resident debating to just get CA license first, then endorse vs straight PA license. I'm assuming most employers are okay with a TPP? Temp licenses are hardly used anymore where I am from. P.S. thanks for the info on timelines - it was extremely helpful!
  10. SqrB3ar

    Sanford Relocation Help!

    Anybody still alive out there?
  11. SqrB3ar

    Klamath - Sky Lakes Medical Center

    Did you get an interview?
  12. SqrB3ar

    Chi St Luke Nurse Residency 2018

    Any news?
  13. Hi all! I graduate Aug 2019 and ideally would like to land a job before graduation and upon passing the NCLEX (hopefully early-mid Sept). I've already scouted out a list of hospitals all over CA as far north of the Oregon border to Mexico though it seems most facilities require a license here to be considered, even some rural hospitals. I've noticed states outside of CA are more willing to accept out-of-state applicants if they obtain their state's license prior to start date so I've expanded my search to consider applying to new grad residency programs out of state and noticed that most have cohorts that start January - March for December graduates and June - August for May graduates. I am seriously willing to leave CA if I can have a good offer elsewhere for the experience, even if it's low pay. I rather the experience more than anything! Are there any new grad residency programs that have more start dates like September - November? I'd hate to start work in 2020 or miss out on an opportunity when my graduation/NCLEX dates are right at the cusp! I know this may be too soon to think about, but I like to plan ahead and seek out my options. Thanks in advance.
  14. SqrB3ar

    Where Do I Want to Work?

    From reading these threads, it seems working at the state level is dangerous - little security compared to a jail. What is your personal experience about the different types of psych? I appreciate your input! :)
  15. SqrB3ar

    Bakersfield new grad

    35 seems low for my part of town (Sac) - not sure how long or how much luck you been having with searching for jobs, but if this is what you can only get and absolutely CANNOT commute further out of Bakersfield for a better position, then I would accept it. Always remember, some experience is better than no experience. You can always keep your eyes open if this isn't your ideal dream job/niche. Which facility are you at? Have you tried Kern and Adventist? I know up north Adventist doesn't offer as much for mgmt/corporate positions compared to former Dignity (they're changing their name now d/t a merger), so I'm sure it's probably the same with staff RNs.
  16. SqrB3ar

    Where Do I Want to Work?

    :) This.

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