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mindy kaling has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. mindy kaling

    Missouri State University? Looking for info.

    I live near this school and know a few current students and crnas who graduated from this school. They all said it was hard but it is a very good program. The clinical sites are spread out so be prepared to travel around the state and the interview is more of a get to know you with very few clinical questions. All the best! I would have applied here if it wasn't for the fact that my husband wouldn't want to keep living here
  2. mindy kaling

    Midwestern crna interview

    They recently changed their interview process and are now a panel of 5 people - the interviewer said it was a new thing they are trying. I had the above questions (apart from biochem one) and also asked to describe my sickest pt I took care of, talk about pathophysiology of the disease, explain what vasopressors I used, how they work, how they are different, side effects of one of them, what invasive monitors I use and given an abg to interpret (asked to walk them through to the answer). Just know all angles, it's better to be over prepared than under
  3. mindy kaling

    Clarkson CRNA 2019

    When do you all interview if you don't mind sharing?
  4. mindy kaling

    Clarkson CRNA 2019

    Nothing for me either. I wonder if they prioritize in-state people first because some schools do that. I'll wait for a little bit before I give up though, I really like the school
  5. mindy kaling

    Quinnipiac University CRNA interviews for 2019

    I have an interview too and applied in June. I hope you hear back, your experience sounds great I have been researching more about the program but its so hard to find information out there besides what they already have on their website..
  6. mindy kaling

    Midwestern university srna class of 2016

    Thank you for replying! I have been practicing interview questions, I hope my preparation helps. Congratulations again!!
  7. mindy kaling

    Midwestern university srna class of 2016

    I haven't interviewed yet, my interview is in September. Congratulations! How did your interview go? What questions did you get/how's the process?
  8. mindy kaling

    Midwestern university srna class of 2016

    I was super detailed, like what kinds of meds I use, what type of pts we see mostly. I didn't go into any specific stories abt patients, stuck to what pt population and procedures/skills I use mostly
  9. mindy kaling

    Midwestern crna interview

    How did it go? What kinds of questions did you get?
  10. mindy kaling

    Applying to CRNA Programs?

    I think you'll gain more confidence in yourself with more experience as a nurse and like the above poster said, be ready to answer truthfully why you withdrew. For now focus on being an awesome nurse, get into ICU when the time comes, gets certs like CCRN, TNCC etc and seek out opportunities to precept or charge and take your shot at applying...all the best
  11. mindy kaling

    KUMC Starting 2019

    Goodluck to you too! I applied for 2019 as well.
  12. mindy kaling

    Clarkson CRNA 2019

    Hi, I have already applied for Clarkson 2019 fall. I am concerned about their pass rates and if offered an interview I will ask about that, but I like what others said about their experience there so I won't write it off. I have also applied to 3 other schools, so we'll see. I currently live 5 hrs away from omaha.
  13. mindy kaling

    CRNA GRE scores need encouragement

    There are so many schools that don't require GRE. If you really want to go to CRNA school, I don't think that should stop you
  14. mindy kaling

    Midwestern crna interview

    Congrats on getting an interview, how long after application did it take for them to contact you? Was it via email or phone call? I applied and haven't heard back yet....fingers crossed
  15. mindy kaling

    Midwestern crna interview

    Congrats on getting an interview. I applied very close to the deadline and haven't heard back yet. All the best in your interview!
  16. mindy kaling

    Is this job hopping/bad?

    Adding: these are 3 different hospitals within an hr of each other

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