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  1. I can't find an MSN to DNP program for someone who already has their MSN in PMHNP specialization and would like to add the rigor and research of a DNP. Plenty of programs offering online PMHNP BSN or bridge ADN to DNP, or a post-MSN cert switching specialties. Thank you!
  2. marigoldey

    Help for Psych NP student

    @verene - can you tell me more about this? I didn't realize there was a new CCNE rule or decision that affects PMHNP preceptor selection. Thank you.
  3. marigoldey

    RN to PMHNP

    What about an ADN to a MSN bridge? I know these exist....try a quick Google search. If I see one, I'll try to post back.
  4. marigoldey

    EKU PMHNP summer '17 start

    For all of those who replied to OP on acceptance to EKU PMHNP - how is it? Please provide an update on how the program is, likes/dislikes and if you are still attending EKU. Appreciate it!
  5. marigoldey

    PMHNP advice

    This was my suggestion, too. You may really enjoy psych, or despise it. You could look at doing travel nursing; you could get a 8- or 13-week travel assignment in Kingman, PHX, Tucson (all locations that frequently use psych travelers), and not too far from Sedona. When does your PMHNP EKU program start? You stated you were in the enrollment process....would love to hear an update on if you like EKU!
  6. marigoldey

    EKU PMHNP Fall 2018

    @allisonion - hello! Please update us on your experience as a PMHNP student at EKU so far. Thanks!
  7. marigoldey

    Psych NP - USA, UND, EKU ?

    @Psych-NP - Yes. While I like some of their changes like the option of multiple admission dates, UND has changed their pricing a lot!!
  8. marigoldey

    Advanced patho at University of Kentucky

    @JDRN - so did you transfer to another school to complete your PMHNP? If so, where are you now, and how are you liking it?
  9. marigoldey

    New PMHNP

    HI Bea Bea, can you give us an update on how you are doing and in what setting you're having your first PMHNP experience?
  10. marigoldey


    brentntexas - tried to PM you but your box is full. How do you like EKU??
  11. marigoldey

    EKU online FNP program

    hmmm...I think I sent you one, it didn't get returned. Do you mind if I email you?
  12. marigoldey

    EKU PMHNP program

    pmhnp16 - are you finished now? how did the last year go? please give us an update, particularly if EKU has changed any of their methods or getting rid of this instructor?
  13. marigoldey

    EKU PMHNP Spring 2017

    @paige - did you get in??
  14. marigoldey

    EKU online FNP program

    Dollie, I would like to touch base with you and PM - do you receive PMs on allnurses?
  15. marigoldey


    hi dollie, how long did it take from when you applied to when you received your acceptance letter? who completed your references? (i.e. RN supervisor, psychiatrist, NP, etc) thank you....
  16. marigoldey

    Honest review of EKU PMHNP??

    hi birkie - what did you decide to do, and did you have any experience to share with EKU?

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