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-AA in Pre-Medicine -BS in Health Services Administration -ASN -BSN -Working on Adult-Gero/Occupational Health MSN & MPH

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    Hello! I deferred my admission to Florida Atlantic University's (FAU's) psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program from summer 2019 to summer 2020. Is anyone a current student or recent graduate of their program? Were you able to secure any scholarships or financial aid while in the program? Did you have any issues finding preceptorship sites? Did the school help you find preceptors?
  2. Me2kuul


    Hi ingrid. Did you apply for the May 2020 semester? I deferred my admission, so I'm not starting classes at FAU until next month. Have you heard anything from the admission's committee? We started a facebook group called FAU graduate nursing students. You may want to join.
  3. Me2kuul

    USF Fall 2019 MSN/MPH

    Hello. I was searching, and couldn't find any threads about University of South Florida's fall 2019 MSN students. I will be in the occupational health/adult-gero/mph tracks, and just wanted to connect with any nursing/public health grad students. Is there a facebook page or group for USF graduate nursing students? If not, I could create one. Also, current students or recent graduates: do you have any tips for us newbies?
  4. Me2kuul

    Hospice in Orlando area

    Do some research on Hospice of the Comforter. They are a division of AdventHealth, and they have the best charting system, and mileage reimbursement in the area. The only downside is you will be a salaried employee, but some people like that, because you have more control over your schedule and time off. I interviewed for all three companies, but ended up taking a job in another city. Good luck!

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