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  1. Good luck!
  2. Yep, this. The leadership on my unit is 2/3 male. The unit staff is 20% male, including ancillary, 10% if you count just RNs.
  3. CMA playing "Nurse Manager?" CMA boundaries? NPD?

    I get what you are saying, having dealt with my fair share of BS. As conveyed, it feels like there is something off...about their relationship, his affinity for the CMAs opinion, her role. I don't understand why the person that makes the schedule w...
  4. Do male nurses face gender bias in nursing education?

    While we do not have many male nurses on the floor (maybe 1:5 male to female ratio), I do see more male nurses that are unit managers, clinical resource and other leadership roles. I do not know what to attribute that to and it is strictly anecdotal...
  5. I had a similar experience. I had an arrest but no charges were brought. The BON let me take the NCLEX but then came back and had me write the letters, get references and prove there were no charges ( a letter from the police department ). The pers...
  6. New Grad Starting Career, Advice PLEASE!

    Student loan payments don't start for six months, take the part-time and then keep looking for full.
  7. The BON in your state will have a website, maybe under Dept of Health Professions, that will have extensive info on the background check and requirements and most likely a contact that you can ask.
  8. I'm still stuck back in the first paragraph when you say you only need 4 classes to sit for the NCLEX. Aside from prereqs, our program was 2 each semester and 3 classes one semester. What classes are your four?
  9. Hs senior in need of advice please!

    I just graduated from community college with my RN, will get the RN-BSN started next year but I wanted to get started working sooner.
  10. New Grad Qualification Question

    Where in VA? I just graduated a few weeks ago in Roanoke. It just means that you passed the classes and fulfilled the requirements of the program and are waiting on the ATT. At our local facility, you can work in a CNA role prior to receiving the ...
  11. Expectations being a Nursing Student

    Go in with a good attitude, a good work ethic and don't let yourself get bogged down in the politics and bs and you will do fine. It isn't that it is so hard, as it is not like any classes before. I had As going in and did not get straight As throu...
  12. I might have no idea what I'm doing! I need guidance.

    Our school (Community College) has an advising office just for the Health Professions. They will tell you everything you need to do to get into the program, what classes, what records, etc.
  13. October 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    After several complaints, the hospital rethought having an employee Halloween costume contest.
  14. Do your teachers round up grades?

    No, an 89.999 is still an 89. But 90 is a B anyway in our program.
  15. Nursing students and their bad behaviors >:(

    Wow, with the exception of #6, this stuff won't fly in our program. We have one instructor that said at the beginning of the semester, if I see your phone, you must leave class, if you talk in class, you must leave and it counts as one of your allow...
  16. 50 and making a dream come true.

    I was in manufacturing for 20 yrs. After yet another layoff, I decided it was time for a switch. I started prereqs at 49 (having never stepped foot on a college campus) and at 50 started the RN program. Do I feel old sometimes, you bet. Do I get...
  17. Thank you. I am a student nurse who decided to go back to school (many years later) in a completely different field, wondering what I did to myself when I started nursing school. You just reminded me EXACTLY why I did this to myself.
  18. I am in my 2nd semester of the RN program and I am 50. I figure I will be 54-55 when I get my BSN.
  19. What is passing for your nursing program?

    We have a min 80% average in classes (no rounding) and 100% on dosage