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  1. jag nurse

    Adjusting to NIGHT SHIFTS advice??

    Hi Nurse Sierra! You're already ahead of the game by getting blackout curtains and a fan. I also use ear plugs. I try to keep my same schedule, on my days off. It's tough, because the world runs on days. But, for me it messes up my system too much to be-bop back and forth. Invariably, if I have several days off, and my hubby is home, I end up on a day schedule. If that's the case, I take a sleep aide the day I go back to work. Skin care is the same for me day or nights, so I don't switch anything. However, as to my supplements, I take my daytime ones before I go to work (at night) and my night ones before I go to bed (in the morning). Most people like three consecutive nights. It makes for more days off in a row. That is generally how we are scheduled. The times we aren't, I try to look at the positive 1) that I'm getting some extra sleep and 2) that my body is getting a break. As to adjusting, if you are a definite morning person, it may be hard to adjust, but you will get used to it. The main negative I deal with is people just don't get--and apparently never will--that calling, texting, or coming to visit at 1:00 in the afternoon is the middle of the night for me. (I shut off my phone while I'm sleeping). Even after years of working nights, family STILL doesn't get it. (Sigh) And, we always get flack (in fun--sort of) if we're late to holiday dinners, which are of course always scheduled around noon or one. Along the same lines, and this is my perception, but we have to be quiet for the rest of the world, but they don't have to be quiet for us. We are the minority. So for instance, I make sure I have my vacuuming or anything loud done before ten at night, so I don't disturb others in my apartment complex. On the flip side, they can be pretty loud, when I'm trying to sleep. That's where ear plugs and fans come in. Some pros of working nights are... There are fewer people around Less family to deal with We can eat at our desk (I need to eat something small every few hours, so this comes in handy to be able to snack while I'm charting) It is absolutely not allowed on days. All in all, I really like nights. Best of luck to you!
  2. jag nurse

    Pyxis Problems

    Lol I had to laugh at your post. Thank the Good Lord we don't have pts banging and scratching, on the door! One place I worked had a sign, on the door, saying to NOT knock, but the CNAs did it all the time. I didn't answer it; a medication error is not worth it. I agree...those cubies can be oh so slow! I'll have to pay attention to the Aricept one next time I need to withdraw some. Lol Yes, the Pyxis is anal. The one I like is whenever I withdraw heparin, a big warning comes up saying this medication may contain heparin. : /