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Organizing your day with VS and team nursing


Has 17 years experience.

The floor, on which I currently work, has team nursing meaning that two nurses take report on ten patients.  We have to wait for about three different night teams to get a few patients from each, and we also go room to room doing bedside report.  It can take up to an hour just to get report.  After that the two of us divvy up the load.  Only then can we look up our patient's orders, labs, meds, etc.  The RNs are also required to get morning vitals.

At other hospitals, patients were pre-assigned, and I went in early to look all my info. up.  It made me feel more prepared for my day, and I had a few minutes to look at the doctors' notes as well.  Also, the CNAs got our vitals.  

I feel like I start each day, with my head barely above water and am just playing catch-up all day.  With the multitude of phone calls, patient needs, admits, and discharges, throughout the day, I don't feel I'm giving my patients quality care.  Rather, I'm just putting out fires all day long.

For those in similar situations, I'd be happy to hear how you manage your day.