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  1. sepruiz

    LVN moving from LA to LV

    I am currently an LVN in the greater Los Angeles area and my husband is finishing up LVN school next February. Ideally, we would like to relocate to the Las Vegas area next summer/fall. I'm looking for advice in regards to transferring our licenses over and looking for jobs before (or after) relocating. - How long does the license transfer generally take? - How easy/difficult is it to find a job prior to moving? - What is the average salary of an LVN in LV? Any other advice is greatly appreciated! We are both very new to all of this having spent our entire lives in Los Angeles and are excited to make our next move.
  2. sepruiz

    New LPN, Graduated 5 Years Ago - Resume Question

    I was in the same boat as you. I just passed my NCLEX PN on the first try this past May, but I graduated school in October 2013. For most employers, they require a job history from the last 10 years. I'm only 25 and have had a handful of jobs, which I listed. I also listed my clinical experiences, but only ones where I gained specific skills vs your basic med/surg. For example, I did a long clinical rotation on a subacute unit with non-responsive patients on trachs/vents and I learned how to manage their specific conditions. To help address the period between graduation and obtaining your license, I would bridge that gap in a cover letter. Explain how you are suited for whatever positions you are applying for based on any skills you learned/obtained pre-healthcare. I just started at my first LVN job this week, and after about 6 interviews you'll be surprised to learn that even jobs in customer service/retail are a plus because it shows you have the ability to work with others and deal with customers - who in the healthcare field would be your patients/residents etc. ALSO, create opportunities for yourself. I completed all my certifications. (ACLS, BLS, PALS, MAB/VIP, IV) As an LVN, most places will only need your basic first aid/cpr, but taking it upon yourself to further your knowledge will help you stand out against other new grads/new licensees AND seasoned LVNS who may only have BLS/CPR. My brother-in-law was promoted from psych to the ER, and he was the ONLY LVN in ER. People were upset and jealous, but he received the opportunity because he already had all the certifications necessary for the position. :) Hope this helps!
  3. sepruiz

    How to be a good supervisor?

    Hi everyone! I am a newly licensed VN and just received my first job at an assisted living facility. My job as an lvn requires me to oversee/delegate the tasks of caregivers/CNAs and med techs. I haven't been in a supervisory role, and I'm very nervous. I don't want to be taken advantage of, hated -- I want to make sure I'm respected by my peers. These guys are my helpers and they have the power to make my life absolute hell. If you are a current LVN/RN how did you handle this? If you are someone who works under an LVN/RN, what are your best suggestions for being a good boss? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  4. sepruiz

    PearsonVue Trick is still alive and well! (May 2017)

    I took my nclex-pn at 8AM on May 30, finished at about 10pm with 110 questions. I walked out of there feeling like I completely BOMBED the test! I did the PVT 4 times in the last 24 hours with the good pop up! Everyone is telling me I passed, but I totally agree on being skeptical about it! For the nclex-pn it takes anywhere from a week to six weeks to receive results. Should I celebrate? haha
  5. sepruiz

    ADN Schools in Socal

    Thanks for the response! I wanted to get the ADN as a stepping stone into my BSN, so I could start working ASAP and gain some experience for my resume. It's difficult to get all the nursing prereqs done at the CC and then get into a nursing program and their waiting lists in a decent amount of time.. What BSN program are you in?
  6. sepruiz

    American Career College in Los Angeles

    I have a friend in the program that started in February, his classes are on Monday - Wednesday. I know the class starts about 8am, not sure when it ends, but he arrives home sometime after 4 depending on the traffic. If you have your prereqs done, there's certain days/sessions you will not need to attend lecture, just clinicals.
  7. sepruiz

    ADN Schools in Socal

    Hey there! Does anyone know of any ADN programs here in SoCal? (Ventura/Los Angeles County preferably) I am NOT trying to go the community college route, I am looking into private schools with no prerequisites required. The only one I know of so far is American Career College in Los Angeles. I know one person who has been in it for about 6 months with no complaints. BUT, ACC does have mixed reviews. Has anyone been/is currently in their ADN program? How is it? I know one person who has been in it for about 6 months with no complaints. ALL responses are greatly appreciated, thank you! :)