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  1. Hillster

    NYP Pharmacology Exam

    Just took this week and got a 98% just follow the rn.com study guide posted in this chat and do a few quizlests under the nyp pharm folder. If u just follow the study guide in this chat u will be absolutely fine
  2. Hillster

    NYP Pharmacology Exam

    Would u mind sharing emails so i can ask you a few questions please i cant send messages on here
  3. Hillster

    NYP Hiring Process

    Has there been any success stories after the wait to be hired by NYP?
  4. Hillster

    Pearson Vue Trick "Facts"

    I took my nclex on a monday morning in new york and as everyone thinks i also thought yup im gunna stop at 75 questions. all the questions i got i thought were pretty easy and when the computer didnt stop i was like ok fine just a few more so let me answer these right to i can get out of here. nope it kept going and i was getting soo restless but i kept praying. i had to stop and tell myself pay attention and answer to the best of ur ability!. it finally shut off at 265 questions and i thought yes im done because for some strange reason i thought there was more questions like i thought RN nclex went up to 300 odd questions but it doesnt idk wat i was thinking. i came home and i researched and found that people pass and fail with 265 questions and i was so scared. i did the pvt trick and it said results on hold! i was like omgsh im done for ! i did more research and found out that having ur results on hold can mean different things like having trouble with the palm vein scanner which i had at the testing center!! my palm scan didnt match the scans from the scans i had when i took my lpn nclex. so that hold pop came up for a day and then i called my board of nursing and she told me yea ur results shud be released by the 48 hour mark and i was like ok. at 4pm tuesday i did the pvt and it came up that our records show u have recently taken .... i was soo happy then i kept doing it and it coming up with the good pop up. finally at 48 hrs later at 9:10am i got the results and i passed! guys the trick works and remain faithful!!!
  5. Hillster

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing? LPN to RN

    How is it now? Are u passing ? Any updates?
  6. Hillster

    Helene Fuld College of Nursing? LPN to RN

    omg i went to veeb and just graduated in august ! i also passed my boards and really want to get some advice before i apply to helene full! how do u like it so far? i also made a thread about helene full any piece of advice or tips will be greatly appreciated!!!
  7. Hillster

    Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

    i really hope you passed and if u didn't please don't give up keep trying until you pass no matter how hard it may be!!!
  8. Hello everyone i am new LPN i am applying to helene fuld i really would love it i could get some feed back on how the program is now and what I should expect and beware of. I am also doin a few prereqs at helene fuld so i would love some advice about that. All advice and knowledge is welcome as long as it is current lol and helpful. Is this school really that bad? Thank you all in advance!
  9. Hillster

    Pearson Vue Trick as of August 2015

    From my experience thanks be to Christ my Savior the pvt worked for me. I took my test and it stopped at 85 questions and i had 20 select all that apply. I swore that i failed. I wasn't confident in the answers i had selected. I did the pvt about 2 hours after the test and then 24 hours after and both times i got the good pop. Today i found out i passed (glory be to God). I reallyyyyy think that this works. And for all those that say people should just be quiet and wait should remember wat it felt like taking the nclex. Godspeed to all!

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