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  1. UT Austin has full-time in person FNP, AG-CNS, PMHNP and PNP MSN programs.
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    Two dui' 6 and 9 years old

    Here's my anecdotal experience for what its worth...I was in a BSN program in TX and prior to starting our clinical portion we had to get approval from the Board of Nursing (BON) via background check. This was in 2014, I had two similar convictions (2004 and 2006) so I had to submit a declaratory order disclosing these events. The process included providing a personal statement, court documents and completion documents. The board evaluated these events and ultimately approved me to start the program and sit for the boards. The process took about 6 months to complete which put me a semester behind. I was fortunate that they didn't consider adding any stipulations to my license. In my letter, I acknowledged the events and showed that I had taken the steps to move past them...that included returning to school at 34 years old. The thing to remember is that the BON main goal is to protect the public. They want to be sure that you are safe to practice and able to make sound decisions. Be prepared to disclose, be honest and patient. All in all, I'd say go for it. Its the best decision I made. Time passing is a good thing, in my experience. Check out your state's BON website for any specific info. Good Luck.