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  1. Hello everyone! So I’m looking for advise from some nurses who may have had similar experiences as me. I was pregnant in my senior year of nursing school, and had my daughter a month after graduation. I was unable to take my NCLEX between graduation and having her, and being home with a newborn, I put studying for the exam on hold, knowing I wouldn’t be able to leave her for the exam. Now, a year later, I am dying to take the exam but I am extremely worried that I may have lost a lot of knowledge. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you
  2. tmarie4

    MCC Lowell Nursing Students

    Hey everyone! I was accepted to the full time nursing (day) program and I will be starting this coming January 2016! I am very curious to speak to anyone who is currently enrolled in the program or has already graduated from the MCC nursing program. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks :)