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  1. Your story just makes me shake my head. From the old, broke down car, to not knowing how to use the internet, to driving to ask your preacher (of all people) to use his fax...I don't know if this is some weird attempt at travel nurse satire, or just a straight up lie. The whole thing with faxing this and faxing that is nauseating...can you not just email all your forms to your agent and call it a day? I have been traveling for a year now and NEVER had to fax anything...EVER! It's usually upload, email, text, go take a drug test, then head out for my next gig. Simple! I really hope your story doesn't turn people off to the traveling world. Because it is nowhere even close to how you described it.
  2. JackDawson23

    Union University CRNA Program Statring 2018

    Yes, I'll be there last wknd of April. I'm planning to get my living arrangements situated quickly. 5 months is right around the corner. I'm still debating on whether or not to take another travel assignment or enjoy my last few months with family & friends. What about you guys? Y'all gonna work up until August?
  3. JackDawson23

    Union University CRNA Program Statring 2018

    After I get done with this travel assignment, I'm going to go look at the graduate housing. I know the warmath housing is $620/month + utilities. The only thing you have to pay for is electric and water. I don't usually do roommates, but IF housing is nice enough I'd def consider it. Especially considering the money we could save up splitting that rent. Have you saved up any money or are you going to live off loans?
  4. JackDawson23

    Nursing exam

    This thread and the replies have made my day. Thank you OP!
  5. Do you guys live in Mayberry? Everyone knows everybody's business :) But seriously, how did you know he was just doing the nursing program to get into medical school? And why did his instructor allow all those things in the first place? So many questions...but you did good nonetheless.
  6. JackDawson23

    When Your LPNs & PCAs Take Over

    Let me guess...you work at the VA? :)
  7. JackDawson23

    Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions??

    I think if you have your CCRN, you should be able to answer any clinical question they throw at you. Other questions they ask you are pretty basic - "tell us about yourself?" "how have you prepared?" ,etc...
  8. JackDawson23

    Where can I get male only patients?

    male health clinics, the VA (on a rare occasion there are females), or like everybody else said, Corrections.
  9. JackDawson23

    Experienced CRNA...ask me anything

    Jseneh0 - Get a BSN, gain at least 1yr ICU experience, apply. As far as GPA goes - study more and retake classes you did bad in!
  10. JackDawson23

    Husband is not ready for me to go to nursing school!!

    j/c what is he going to school for?
  11. JackDawson23

    Travel Nurse Buddy

    Wondering the same thing actually. I just started traveling. Sure would be nice to have a roommate to split the costs. Trying to make money before I start school next yr.
  12. JackDawson23

    Questions regarding traveling

    Some hospitals care, some don't. Just make sure you have a good recruiter/agency to work with.
  13. Not true in regards to the background check. If you leave it off your resume, nobody is going to find out unless you say something. Just leave it on your resume, especially if it's your only job as an RN. If your future employer wants to know why you're wanting to leave, just say you want to work closer to home, blah blah blah. Let us know what you decide.
  14. Start applying to other places now. Don't take it off your resume just yet. If you get a job offer, then you can tell them hasta luego.
  15. JackDawson23

    Experienced RN's cannot get new jobs!

    Just an idea, but have you thought about moving?