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  1. fern2010

    University of Utah Critical Care Internship

    Awesome! Congrats on getting into the program! Has it been a good experience so far? What was the interview like? standard nursing interview questions? Not sure if you are able to answer this at the moment but do you know what kind of shifts are typically offered on completion, 50/50 days and nights or is it more common to work full time nights? I know there is a 2 year commitment after the internship, is there fee if that is broken?
  2. fern2010

    U of Utah Clinical Nurse-Critical Care Internship

    Hi! Wondering if anyone that has completed the internship can tell me what they thought about it?
  3. Hi there! Wondering if anyone has done the critical care internship at the university of Utah and can provide some information or review of the program? Thanks!
  4. Hi there! Wondering if anyone can provide some information or review of the Critical Care Internship Program at the University of Utah. Thanks!