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    CUNY SPS Online BSN Spring 2017

    Hi there! I'm not OP, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the SPS BSN program. I'm thinking about attending after I finish my Associate's, but I'm a little worried about the online nature of it, the fact that the program hasn't been around too long, and how the program is structured. Also, do you know how long the program itself takes from start to finish? I was having a hard time figuring that out from the website. Thanks a ton!
  2. Hey everyone, For those of you who've taken SCN 195 (community health), how was the workload? It's the only elective I haven't taken yet and I'm debating taking it during the regular session along with my RN classes or just spending the money to take it in 2nd session. Is it worth trying to juggle RN courses and SCN 195 or should I play it safe? Thanks!
  3. Hey there, I'm currently in the RN program. The TEAS wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I'm glad I prepped. I needed to refresh a lot of subjects especially since I took it before I took any science courses so I was extra rusty. I got a 85%. I used the official TEAS study guide and it was really helpful. I entered the program with A's in all my courses. Good luck!
  4. I got in
  5. Also going to get my letter in July! I applied for RN. Good luck everyone! Would also love to hear updates from you all.
  6. Hey everyone. Great thread with tons of useful info. I'm an RN candidate hoping to enter the program this fall. I have an odd question for anyone familiar with the process. Spring II session ends on Aug 16. The fall semester calendar has yet to be released, but if the past few years are any indication, class should start up near that first Monday of Sept (5th). When would I find out about whether I got in for the fall semester? I'm hoping to travel out of the country to visit some family I haven't seen in years, and the only time I can do it is in-between the end of Spring II and beginning of Fall, but I'm afraid that I will miss getting my application results or maybe some kind of mandatory orientation that happens in that time, if that's the case. Or will that stuff happen earlier in the year? Thanks for your help!
  7. I'm pretty new here overall, so hello and thank you for all your advice. I've just started at LCC as an undeclared Nursing major, hoping to apply for candidacy as soon as I can. I've got a few questions for anyone out there who is familiar with the program. 1) Do I need any kind of approval or anything to register for the TEAS V? I'm in my first semester, still taking my pre-clinicals, but I saw on the TEAS website that there are some open test days coming up. My advisors haven't mentioned the TEAS process to us very much, so I'm wondering if I can just go ahead and sign up for those on my own so I can have that ready to go for the application. 2) By the end of spring 2016 semester, I plan to finish up all the pre-req courses. Ideally I would be starting the Nursing program in the following semester (fall 2016). But the deadline for candidacy ends before the spring semester ends, so how does that work? Will I not be able to apply for candidacy until fall, and if so, what classes can/should I take in the meantime to use that time wisely? 3) If I don't get into the RN program, would you suggest retrying later or applying for the LPN program instead (and then the bridge to RN afterwards)? Is there enough time to receive either an acceptance or rejection from the RN candidacy and then submit an LPN app or will that have to wait until the following semester? Sorry for any errors in my English. Thanks, everyone. This is a great community and I'm glad to be here.