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CUNY LCC RN hopeful -- some questions

by frflybp frflybp (New) New

I'm pretty new here overall, so hello and thank you for all your advice. I've just started at LCC as an undeclared Nursing major, hoping to apply for candidacy as soon as I can. I've got a few questions for anyone out there who is familiar with the program.

1) Do I need any kind of approval or anything to register for the TEAS V? I'm in my first semester, still taking my pre-clinicals, but I saw on the TEAS website that there are some open test days coming up. My advisors haven't mentioned the TEAS process to us very much, so I'm wondering if I can just go ahead and sign up for those on my own so I can have that ready to go for the application.

2) By the end of spring 2016 semester, I plan to finish up all the pre-req courses. Ideally I would be starting the Nursing program in the following semester (fall 2016). But the deadline for candidacy ends before the spring semester ends, so how does that work? Will I not be able to apply for candidacy until fall, and if so, what classes can/should I take in the meantime to use that time wisely?

3) If I don't get into the RN program, would you suggest retrying later or applying for the LPN program instead (and then the bridge to RN afterwards)? Is there enough time to receive either an acceptance or rejection from the RN candidacy and then submit an LPN app or will that have to wait until the following semester?

Sorry for any errors in my English. Thanks, everyone. This is a great community and I'm glad to be here.