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  1. James75

    Worth It? CA to OR

    When I was applying as a new grad in Southern Oregon, there were a lot of applicants from California.
  2. At my school you only had to have the first shot, but if you were even a day behind on any of the boosters you were barred from clinical until you had them. So sometimes people needed to make sure they got their shot on a very specific day.
  3. My facility will not hire former med surg nurses on L&D because they usually quit during or immediately after orientation. They’ve found the transition from so many patients with tasks to one (sometimes two) patients with a lot of autonomy, and less tasks but also more stress was causing people too much anxiety. They will hire from ED, ICU, and float pool. And they hire a lot of new grads. Certainly not the case everywhere, though. Where I was a student they hired almost exclusively from Med Surg.
  4. James75

    CNM Job Prospects?

    Hello, I’m currently an L&D nurse planning to attend midwifery school in the next few years. Luckily I will have plenty of L&D experience by the time I graduate (Hopefully also some postpartum and ideally an IBCLC). I should be able to work full time through most of the program then drop to per Diem towards the end as I do clinical. However, it does concern me how few midwife positions I see advertised in my area (currently three I can find at the moment, two are per Diem and two require at least a year of full scope midwifery practice, leaving one potentially new grad friendly per Diem position, where experience is still preferred). I live in a large metropolitan area with several hospital systems and a thriving midwifery culture, both in and out of the hospital. Due to custody arrangements I’m not particularly geographically mobile, nor able to open my own practice. Obviously I could still work as an RN after graduation, but also obviously I want to attend midwifery school in order to work as a midwife. Is it common to be hired out of clinical placements without a job being advertised? Did it take y’all a long time (>6 months) to find a job after graduation? Did you need to relocate? Anything you did before/during/after school they helped you get hired? Thanks!
  5. James75

    when should i tell my manager i'm pregnant?

    I work on labor and delivery and a) we have a lot of young female nurses so at any given time at least three-four are pregnant (often six or more) and b) we all tend to get VERY excited about the whole thing. I haven’t witnessed or heard about one iota of discrimination, though I suppose it could affect training slightly. (I.e. I’m not going to give you triage training in your last trimester because you won’t have time to get good practice before you’re off for months).
  6. James75

    New Grad Leaving at 1 Year

    How does the OP handle references without advertising to managers and coworkers the upcoming move?
  7. James75

    Any facilities actually using an AccuVein? Any thoughts?

    We have one and only once have I seen anyone try to use it. Like others have said, it can give you an idea where to palpate, otherwise not very helpful.
  8. James75


    Most floors at OHSU give you a pattern, so your schedule is the same over two weeks. Some are self scheduled. It’s rare not to have to work some Fridays and Saturdays.
  9. James75

    OR vs WA

    Oregon has income tax, Washington has sales tax. Some people live in Vancouver Wa and shop in Portland OR to circumvent this.
  10. James75

    Portland Job Market

    I’ve heard great things about Legacy. People seem to like Kaiser as well. Providence is doing interesting things in Women’s Health (hospital supplied doulas, and they seem to have a huge focus on lactation). There’re so many options that you might as well travel between them for a while. One of my L&D coworkers did that for a couple years as she found it was so lucrative and eventually settled at her favorite hospital.
  11. James75

    OHSU Non-Resident New Grad

    A lot of my nursing classmates were hired there for their first jobs. They got good orientations. The one hired onto Ortho is still there and loving it. There was one particular floor desperate for nurses that hired 5 of my classmates. 2 ended up quitting pretty quickly, and I haven’t heard recently how the other 3 are doing. But otherwise people seem to feel well supported and do well.
  12. James75

    Salem vs. Eugene

    I agree with boywithacoin. I work at Salem Hospital and am very impressed with it as an organization. It’s a lot better run and safer than places I was a student in Portland. A lot of the nurses I work with did student rotations or worked in the Eugene and Springfield hospitals and prefer Salem. Some even commute from most of the way down there because they like working at Salem Hospital (I commute from Portland for similar reasons). And the hospital has lots of perks because they have to retain staff who don’t want to live in Salem. Great night shift differentials, lots of day shift positions available, LEAN, Magnet, etc. That said, Salem is not where I would want to live. It’s the state capital and has the big prison. Lots of crime and homelessness (though better in those senses than Portland). Not a ton of “culture.” But decent cost of living and a more rural ethos, more conservative than most cities in Oregon. Not a *bad* place to live, and a 45 minute drive to Portland if you want concerts, sports games, etc. Eugene is a college town, known for a liberal feel, hippy vibe, lots of culture, lots to do. Farther from Portland, more expensive than Salem but not insane. And again, I haven’t heard the hospitals there are horrible (nor have I personally worked in them), Salem is just exceptionally good. I don’t think you’d go wrong either way.
  13. James75

    OHSU ER job prospects

    You could try travel contracts for a while around the area. Catch up on scuttlebutt and get to scout hospitals before committing.
  14. OHSU doesn't require TEAS for entry. In fact, I'm not aware of any Oregon schools that do.
  15. James75

    Asante New Grad RN

    Anyone else apply for this current round of Asante new grad RN positions? Have you heard anything? I got asked for my references immediately, then much later a video interview, and haven't heard anything for weeks.
  16. James75

    2017 Salem Health New Grad Program

    I just did a job shadow with one of their nurses as a final "interview" - should hear back next week about whether or not I have an offer.

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