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  1. Has anyone attended USA PMHNP program? If so can you provide details of your experience?
  2. University of South Alabama PMHNP Fall2020

    Hey, how did you like the pmhnp program?
  3. Any PMHNP Fellowships?

    Any luck finding one?
  4. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Has anyone been accepted to the ccbc rn Spring 16' program? Also are there any reccomendations on cpr classes? Lastly do we have to pay for the background check?
  5. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Congratulations on your acceptance!!! I'm excited for you. Im attending Stevenson and ccbc. There's orientation this Wednesday for Stevenson I'm not sure about an information session. I have already received my schedule from both schools
  6. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    I'm in Catonsville day and ATB at Stevenson. I will see you in classes at Stevenson
  7. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Has anyone heard anything back from Towson? They want a decision by dec 1st but fulking out the second app is not going to process by dec. 1
  8. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Have you decided between Towson and Stevenson. When you add up the cost with fees and everything the schools are neck and neck with price. Towson is cheaper per credit but the fees they charge really hike the price up.
  9. Towson ATB program cost

    Can anyone who is already attending the ATB through Towson give me an idea of what the cost is. I've gone on the website and totaled up the fees and tuition but what about lab fees and all that?
  10. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    I'm doing Towson as well they seem like the cheaper option, I don't qualify for any grants or anything since I already have a bachelors I'm paying all out of pocket
  11. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Yes!! I'm in at Towson!. Now I can relax until the semester starts! Are you going to do the Ccbc with Towson program?
  12. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Nothing from Towson today hopefully tomorrow I will hear good news
  13. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Did they send letters or emails? My mail hasn't come yet I'm nervous
  14. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    They called me right before I posted this maybe 45 minutes ago. How do you check your status on their website
  15. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    They called and sent an email. It said official welcome packets are in the mail as well
  16. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Stevenson has made decisions! I was accepted, waiting to hear from towson
  17. CCBC Catonsville Spring 2016

    Towson says they will be mailing out letters before thanksgiving break, and Stevenson says they should be mailing them after next week some time
  18. CCBC Catonsville Spring 2016

    Have you tried calling they should be able to see who hasn't paid a seat fee yet. They may also be waiting until the end of the semester to make sure those still enrolled in pre reqs pass all their classes and maintain the 2.0 gpa
  19. CCBC Catonsville Spring 2016

    I will be attending cattonsville in the spring. Do you know of Anyfacebook groups?
  20. CCBC Catonsville Spring 2016

    I am also in the Catonsville day program!!
  21. Ccbc rn Spring 2016

    Thank you!! Congrats to you as well
  22. Ccbc rn Spring 2016