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    Advice on which direction to take

    Hi All, I graduated with my BScN in 2017. I wrote my NCLEX and my first nursing job was working at a children's camp in Alberta. I absolutely loved it and the kids. When I came home to Ontario I worked adult medicine and it was one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life, for many reasons (dangerous nurse to patient ratios, first year working after getting licensed, poor work environment). So I quit medicine and went back to camp nursing for another summer and loved it again. This time I stayed in Calgary and got hired on L&D. This was a better fit for the OPPOSITE reasons (better nurse to patient ratios, was not a new grad hitting the unit, great team environment) but I by no means have a passion for obstetrics. I have been on the unit for 1 year and gave it my honest shot. I wrote out many lists of likes and dislikes and it really isn't a good fit for me for reasons I have self identified. I can stay afloat working shift but I feel as nurses we have the odds stacked against us when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. My body feels the effect of working 12-14 hour days, and switching every 2 weeks between days and nights, etc. No job or opportunity is perfect, and I understand that these could be uncomfortable growing pains I might need to experience to lead me closer to a better fitting career. But I would at least like to be heading in the right direction. To be a bit more intentional. I really would love to try out adolescent mental health nursing or even start in adult mental health to get my feet wet, and have applied to the 4 largest hospitals in the city for both inpatient and outpatient but haven't been able to land an interview. I've tried following up with managers for feedback for future applications and they have not replied. I have applied to Seattle Children's Hospital, The Children's Hospital of Colorado, and Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland as I am quite mobile (no spouse or children, no house). I am hesitant to move to another city quite so soon as I have only been in Calgary for a year and restarting your life is very stimulating. I guess I'm just looking for a bit of guidance right now. Questions I should be asking myself. Places I haven't looked or opportunities I haven't considered. Open to all honest answers. Thanks in advance.
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    Nurse Externship

    Hello All! I am getting a head start on my plans for this coming summer. I would really love to be a part of an externship program but I am having trouble finding them. Not a lot of luck when I search "Nurse externship Ontario". I was wondering if anyone knew of a list or resource that had the summer opportunities for nursing students in Ontario? Thanks in advance
  3. Can I ask what hospital you applied to?
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    Student Immigration

    Hi everyone! I am hoping some of you can clear up some of the confusion I have, although this post may be a bit "out there". I am currently in my 3rd year completing my BSCN at the University of Windsor. As many of us are trying, I would like to be able to add to my resume experience in the hospital. After searching in my area the only opportunities that seemed to present themselves was PSW jobs. Although these jobs are important they do not provide the skills I am wishing to obtain. I began looking at the Detroit Medical Center careers webpage and found many jobs under the title of "student nurse associate" and "student nurse extern". These are exactly the opportunities I am looking for! However, ALL of my schooling has been completed in Ontario. I have read about the H-1b visa available for graduated RN's looking to apply for work. It required a BSCN to even apply, making me unable to qualify. I wasn't sure if there might be another opportunity available since the positions I am applying for are STUDENT positions, that mostly only require a completed high school diploma and a rotation on medsurg which I have 4 already? Could I apply for a student visa and take 1 or 2 classes part time? can you work under a student visa? I am searching for these opportunities because the location is so close (Windsor to Detroit) , I would be able to stay at home and be with my family instead of participating in the externship in Toronto which I am sure is saturated with applications already. Thanks for your time.