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  1. Kbearden

    ACT nurse interview

    Hello! I just had a phone interview for an prn assertive community treatment nurse position. Hoping to get through to the second round... Any nurses who have done ACT? What kind of role does the nurse have? I’ve been at home with kids for several years and am wanting to go back. Prior to being home, I worked in ortho, home health, and also at a medication assisted treatment( methadone) clinic. So while I do have experience with addiction, not much else in the psych world. I’m willing to learn and eager. Any advice on how to prepare?
  2. Hi! I would love some thoughts and encouragement. I'm considering being a sub for my sons elementary and district. I was a RN on an orthopedic unit with some med surg overflow for several years and have two kids ages 3 and 5. I do not have ped experience. Would I be okay? I'm not worried about basic first aid but the more medically fragile children.. also if you are subbing at different schools how does it work not knowing those kids or the health rooms? Any questions you would ask? I have thought of speaking to our school nurse and seeing if I could perhaps shadow or help with the hearing/vision screens to get a feel. Thank you for your thoughts.
  3. Kbearden

    Returning to Nursing After Depression

    Mother baby good area to renter? hi! I've been a stay at home mom for past 4 years.. I've been a nurse since 06'. Worked in orthopedics and then dabbled in psych, home health and professional development. I've kept my license active but I haven't been clinical in a while. I have an interest in mother baby since becoming a mom. I'm confident in my ability to educate but the clinical skills make me a lil nervous. Do you think this would be a difficult area to re enter? Thoughts?
  4. Kbearden

    re entry mother baby?

    I'm wanting to re enter clinical nursing.. I was an orthopedic and medical surgical nurse and then spent some time working in psych and professional development. For the last 3 years I've been at home with my sons but have kept my license active. now that I'm a mom, I think B area I would be happy in is mother baby. Is this a difficult area to re enter? I feel confident in my ability to educate especially since I have experience with my own newborns and breastfeeding. I'll be honest I am concerned about certain clinical skills such as catheters and IVs since its been a while. thoughts?