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DCtoRN has 3 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Intensive Care.

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  1. I believe I’m lucky to have landed a new job as district school nurse, covering an elementary, junior high and high school with 1200-1500 students. The pay and benefits are good, I know and like many of the staff and administrators, and they’ve shown excitement to have me joining their team. I was hired in early June and at my interview, I was lead to believe that I could come in for the last week or two to orient to their current practices and resources. Then I was told that I would start at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, after the previous health staff (a single health room aid) has moved on to a different position. I offered to come in unpaid to observe and was ignored by my POC in the HR department. Yesterday, the superintendent e-mailed me at my personal account to ask me to connect with the newly hired health room aid and give her direction on the set-up and practices for the school year. He also said that there is room in the budget for me to come in a few days early (before orientation and inservice week) to “set up inventory and organization” for the school year. This district has been operating with a health room aid and occasional contract nurse involvement for thirteen years, so I feel that their expectations are probably more basic than my own personal ambitions, but my plan, beside doing a fair bit of self-driven education this Summer was to show up, observe current practices for a short time, reach out to the ESD, and a nurse at another district who has consulted for the district in the past and formulate a plan. This is the scenario that I feared- total responsibility on day one with no orientation or training. I will express my concern in a constructive manner and I believe the district will work with me to make the handoff as safe and efficient as possible. I have been told that the Elementary School is where the greatest need is, helping the little ones manage the new routines and making sure medications, blood sugar checks, etc. are done appropriately. There has been no mention of my involvement with respect to COVID measures, but I’m sure I should be involved with that at every level, along with start of year IEPs and 504s. What action steps would you recommend? How much unpaid time should I devote to this? I attended the NASN virtual conference this Summer, I’ve pored over this Allnurses page as well as the NASN forums. I’ve read a bit of our state’s (Oregon) return to schools COVID guidance and e-mailed the state School Nurse consultant, who may be in the process of being replaced, so no reply. Sorry for the long post. Thank you for your replies. Sincerely, DC2RN
  2. DCtoRN

    New school nurse here!

    You’re right- I’m sure I’m overthinking it. I have a talent for that. I am friends with two of the principals I’ll be working for. I will probably connect with them before Summer’s over, to pick their brains. Im grateful to be starting this year and not last year!
  3. DCtoRN

    Should I be a nurse?

    Good points Natasha. I didn’t even consider the scrape for early retirement option. It seems sad to think that many people think of their job as a means to an end but that may well be the safest bet in today’s rat race. I’m not going to lie- the thought of going per diem in early retirement sounds good to me. But that will be sooner than when I was 32.
  4. DCtoRN

    Should I be a nurse?

    I could be way off, but my gut says that if you’ve worked around nurses for years and still aren’t sure it’s what you want to do- keep looking. Society brainwashed us to make choices based on security and consumption. Most people don’t like their jobs, but see the dissatisfaction as a necessary evil. What brings you joy? You’re still young! What do you dream about? Take the time to make connections with people doing things that excite you. Pick their brains. Shadow them. Life is short! Some compromise is necessary. Don’t give too much of yourself away. Your kids will learn an important lesson seeing you work hard to achieve your dream.
  5. DCtoRN

    Mask refusal on unit

    We have supply personnel who regularly travel through the ICU, PACU, MEDSURG, and ED in our small hospital who refuse to wear their masks properly. Initially, when mandatory masking was implemented, they affixed their masks to their shirts with a safety pin! Multiple complaints were made to management, infection control, and the ethics hotline. After a few weeks, they began to wear the masks, but cut the bottom strings so the mask just floats out off their nose. Their practice continues. The complaints have likely ended due to lack of action by management. Absurd!
  6. DCtoRN

    long days, back discomfort and cracking?!

    For starters, you need a functional diagnosis. You can throw different lotions or stretches at it, and you can waste a lot of money on massage, chiro, accu, etc. hoping something's going to "fix" you. There are a million little potential causes for back pain. A talented PT, chiropractor or even massage therapist can narrow those causes down. The trouble I find is that like MDs, so few are truly talented. I myself am taking a nursing sabbatical from my other career: chiropractic, because while I was a great generalist, and 80% of my patients were happy, I want to be great. I wasn't ready to put myself through all the additional training I wanted, only to continue the haggle with insurance companies and completion with flashier, less capable chiros. So I'm going to be a great nurse while I find my chiropractic "hobby". There may may be some big, obvious thing you can do first- lose weight, improve posture, strengthen your core, walk frequently.... Stretching has been found to be temporary relief providing, but we often stretch or "crack" as you say the wrong areas or motions. If youve exhausted the above, or if your pain is getting worse, consider seeking a chiropractor with an orthopedic or sports diplomat. It is rare that a problem will benefit from more than 6-12 manipulations in series (1-3/wk), so if the chiro is suggesting 20+ visits, or has a "pre-pay" plan, turn and run. If you see anti-vaccination propaganda or adverts for "wellness" or "healthy baby" manipulation services, turn and run. Don't trust yelp or google reviews. They're usually bought and paid for. If you're lucky enough to be near a clinic on the referral map at firwardthinkingchiro.com, that's a great start. Chiros who do a range of active rehabilitation/physiotherapies can be great. There are great PRs our there as well, but the best ones won't be covered by your insurance, as they don't need the business (insurance companies cut all reimbursements and are incompatible with a small clinic). A great chiropractor will transcend all the negative stereotypes and should leave you impressed. I didnt mean to sound sound like an advert, but I spend a lot of time and energy on this subject- refractory back pain- and it is a rapidly evolving, yet irritatingly elusive field.
  7. DCtoRN

    Moving to Maui

  8. Congrats Chiro2Nursing! I am entering the 5th quarter of a two-year ASN program through a community college. The education has been very good. For those of us who got tired of the old-school chiros holding the profession back and making us look bad (I was one, and I think they are a vocal minority who make debate and discussion difficult), look into the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance. They have a webpage and a Facebook page. They have fun while focusing on best practices, EBM and integration. Also, the ACA is making some serious moves in the direction of actual progress. I'm glad I don't have to wait around any longer, as I will finally make a decent living as an RN and maybe an NP eventually. I will continue part-time niche chiropractic practice as long as it's fun and profitable, but no third-party BS and no non-compliant patients will be tolerated!
  9. DCtoRN

    Lane CC 2016 RN Cohort

    I am third alternate! That is real close to in!
  10. Thought I would chime in here. I seem a little late to the party, but I don't think things are getting any better for Chiropractors. I have a family and more time than money, so I am pursuing an ASN at my local community college. They have an agreement with a highly rated health sciences university in my state that will allow graduates to slide right in to their BSN online program. I am not interested in the practice management side of being a DC, but will continue to build on my sports medicine skills and use my nursing income to pay for that hobby unless or until I can make money treating elite athletes. Otherwise, I will determine if I want to go after a PA or NP license when the time is right. My wife is a RN-BSN of 25 years and is very grateful for her career.
  11. Hi! Who else is applying to SOCC this year?
  12. DCtoRN

    Lane CC 2016 RN Cohort

    I am interviewing tomorrow and wanted to connect with other applicants who are applying to begin the ASN program in the Fall of 2016. I'm from Florence and a chiropractor currently. Drop a line and say hi!
  13. DCtoRN

    Applicants to OCNE 2016-2018

    I believe MMI stands for multiple mini-interview?
  14. DCtoRN

    Applicants to OCNE 2016-2018

    I got notification that I will be interviewed at Lane CC! They are interviewing 109 of 219 applicants and the cut-off was 52.54 points. I hope to connect with more nurse hopefuls on allnurses and I wish luck to all this year.