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  1. TLS9544

    Sometimes school nursing sucks

    Walking out at 3 pm on the last day of school is not one of those times! Happy Summer, Nurses!
  2. TLS9544

    just a Thursday vent

    Oh I needed this... thank you guys!
  3. TLS9544

    Breaking the Rules to Save a Life

    I think about this scenario literally every single day. Same in regards to EpiPens
  4. TLS9544

    just a Thursday vent

    1. Why are dress code issues a nurses issue? I am no more equipped than anyone else to use a piece of string as a belt, or tape a falling-apart shoe together. 2. In a school with a VPK why is a toileting accident a nurses issue? Being that they have little kids in the classroom, one would expect the classroom bathroom to have baby wipes. That is all. Happy Thursday, my fellow nurses.
  5. TLS9544

    Q about patients questioning meds

    This may seem like a stupid question, but I'm a new nurse. I have that handful of pts who want to know what each and every pill is for. Fine, but it just seems...mean? To say "that's your antipsychotic"... what do you say when that's exactly what it is?

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