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  1. TLS9544

    Sometimes school nursing sucks

    Walking out at 3 pm on the last day of school is not one of those times! Happy Summer, Nurses!
  2. TLS9544

    just a Thursday vent

    Oh I needed this... thank you guys!
  3. TLS9544

    Breaking the Rules to Save a Life

    I think about this scenario literally every single day. Same in regards to EpiPens
  4. TLS9544

    just a Thursday vent

    1. Why are dress code issues a nurses issue? I am no more equipped than anyone else to use a piece of string as a belt, or tape a falling-apart shoe together. 2. In a school with a VPK why is a toileting accident a nurses issue? Being that they have little kids in the classroom, one would expect the classroom bathroom to have baby wipes. That is all. Happy Thursday, my fellow nurses.