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  1. Oh fantastic! Which type of Nurse does sutures and/or cutting? Thanks so much everyone for your replies. They mean a lot!
  2. Indeed. How hands on are Nurses? I'm leaning towards Nursing as the time schedule is very appealing.
  3. After a long time searching the job market, I have become frustrated with lack of anything that can support my family and give security. I've always had an interest in medicine as a career path, but was never sure where I would fit in. Both paths seem interesting, but I was wondering if you kind folks with experience on the floors could tell me what would suit me best? Picking one path is years of commitment, time, busting butt and a big debt, so I definitely want to pick the right one! -- I enjoy using my hands, have no problem getting messy. I want to be hands on, doing sutures, cuts, figuring out x-rays and helping solve the problem with the patient. I enjoy figuring out puzzles and deduction thinking. -- Problem: I am 27, and I was raised in a household that could care less about my academic success. I was in Gifted and Talented in Middle School, but since my parents didn't care, I stopped caring too. Because of this, I have nothing impressive from my highschool to show to a potential college to start pre-requisites. Would this matter? Or would the pre-requisites be the time to shine before I apply to my next potential path? How hard is it to get into Nursing/Doctor schools? I am planning to rock my GPA in college, so no worries about that part. Is it too late? Would the financial strain of becoming a doctor be too heavy? THANK YOU for anyone who read all of this. It means a lot to me. I want to give my husband and son a happy, comfortable life!