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Mebzone05 has 4 years experience as a BSN.

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    Well, a part that I left out is that nearly a year of my ER time was on night shift. The problems started once I switched to day shift. I believe that there are simply too many nurses fighting for the critical care zone which is only staffed with two...
  2. Mebzone05


    Yep. We have no clue what zone we will be in until 5 mins before our shift starts.
  3. Mebzone05


    I have been a nurse for almost 4 years. I have 1 year med surg experience, 1 year obs, and the rest in an ER. We have four zones. One is an urgent care type zone, a medium acuity zone, psych zone, and our critical zone. My first couple of months I pr...
  4. Mebzone05

    Sucky day + unsupportive spouse

    My wife is a special education teacher and I am an ER nurse. After every shift I rant about my day to her on my 30 minute drive home. She does the same and we usually end up laughing. We both have extremely stressful jobs. Once I'm home, we don't men...
  5. Mebzone05

    Cutting myself short?..but trying to make the best

    I wouldn't bother with the TNCC. You need to sit down and really think hard about your career. It sounds to me like you are needed at home. PRN as a new nurse is a bad idea. Experience is what makes you a better nurse. You can get a bunch of certs bu...
  6. Mebzone05

    Job offer at Level 1 or 2, help me pick please!

    This is true. Don't pay to much attention to what level a trauma center is. I have friends that work at a level 1 and I take care of higher acuity patients more often at a level 3.
  7. Mebzone05

    Empty ER due to Covid?

    I work in a decent size level 3 ER. A week ago they canceled all of our travelers contracts. We have at least one nurse a night get sent home early. Some nights we have maybe 3 or 4 patients in the entire ER, other nights we get slammed.
  8. I live in Arizona and I'm confused as to what np school I should attend. I read online that for profit and online only schools are looked down upon. Everyone says that you should go to a "real university." Well GCU and University of Phoenix are the o...
  9. Mebzone05

    First shift in ER!

    Hello I am an RN with 2.5 years experience. My first year was in a med surg unit and my second year was in an observation unit. My dream has always been to work in the ED. I was recently hired into a level 3 truama center. I hope to one day beco...
  10. Mebzone05

    Suspended for touching a child's head and face

    Wow this scares me. This is the reason so many nurses are hesitant to do their jobs. Patient complaints are often taken seriously regardless of how absolutely ridiculous they may be. I was taught in nursing school not to give two opioids at the ...
  11. Mebzone05

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Good luck everyone
  12. Mebzone05

    GI Bill and Nursing CEP (Veterans)

    I am currently in block 1 of the NAU CEP. This is 100% correct. The VA doesn't recognize the program as a dual program because you graduate with two separate degrees so they won't cover it. What I have done is use my go benefits only at my community ...