Confused about where to go...need help!

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I live in Arizona and I'm confused as to what np school I should attend. I read online that for profit and online only schools are looked down upon. Everyone says that you should go to a "real university." Well GCU and University of Phoenix are the only two NP schools in the state that have on campus lecture, both of which happen to be for profit. University of Arizona and ASU only have DNP programs which cost double the price and are nearly all online.

There are no non profit brick and mortar np schools in Arizona. For many reasons, I can't relocate.

Anyone from AZ currently working as an NP? What school did you attend?

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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It's not about online vs. on campus, but rather the reputation/quality of the institution. ASU's program is not online, and U. Arizona requires multiple in-person intensives for skills courses. Both are reputable schools.

There's no question that some people will look down on for-profit degrees, and some people don't care. It could depend on the competitiveness of the job market and where you apply (research/academic hospitals will probably care more where you went to school than a local clinic).

15 hours ago, Mebzone05 said:

Anyone from AZ currently working as an NP? What school did you attend?

I'm not from AZ. But I suggest you browse the websites of local clinics, private practices, hospitals, and physician groups etc. (particularly ones where you want to work), and look at the profiles of the providers. Sometimes these facilities post the education background of their NPs and you can get a sense on whether these schools are well represented in your area.