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  1. Galen LVN/LPN Program San Antonio Campus

    Yes! Definitely plan on doing the full time/day program.
  2. Galen LVN/LPN Program San Antonio Campus

    Hi there! I took the PAX a couple years ago and I really didn’t study much for it. I thought it was pretty easy/basic. I made a 135. I think you only need an 80 to get in. I would just use their free study booklet and you will do fine. Are you looki...
  3. Hello! I'll be attending Galen's LVN program October 2019- days. I'm wondering if anyone else will be starting at that time? AND if anyone has been through the LVN program, what is the full-time/days program schedule ike? How difficult is the progra...
  4. UTA Online BSN Accelerated Program Questions

    Right! I'm just starting science pre requisites. I am probably asking the wrong way. Lol. What I mean is, since most of the general courses are only 8 weeks, are you allowed to take more than 2 classes per term? I think it would be hard to take A&...
  5. UTA Online BSN Accelerated Program Questions

    I've been looking for this information on their site and can't seem to find it. That's why I asked on this thread since there are people who have actually done the program and know. Just wanted to know how many credit hours you can take per 8 week te...
  6. UTA Online BSN Accelerated Program Questions

    Hi! I am very seriously considering this program also. I was wondering how many online courses you can take at a time? I'm assuming you can only take 8 hours per 8 week term?
  7. Galen LVN-RN San Antonio January 2016 start

    Does anyone know the hours/schedule for the part-time evening LVN classes?