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    Graduate Nurse with NO Nurse status!!

    At the time I applied for my license this was my diagnosis. Due to my med being an antipsychotic and the fact that I am seen at a state organization, I didn't want to be in trouble with a future employer cuz my med can show up on drug tests. My NP thinks I am not on the right med cuz the dosage I take is not even close to recommended dosage for bipolar and I am mainly using it for sleep. My NP didn't suggest this until after I applied for my license. Since i go to a state organization i see who they assign me. I had just had a renewal of diagnosis in March. I didn't start seeing this NP until May. No I have never been hospitalized for any mental diagnosis. That's why I am wondering why it is taking so long for them to process my file. I have a copy of the original letter that was sent to the BON. It states my care plan for the last year, my future care plan and the meds I take and that I have been compliant this whole time.
  2. I graduated nursing school in May 2015. I have only diagnosed with BP for a year & half. Texas BON first told me that it takes a few extra weeks to get my clearance to take my test. A few weeks later I was told that it would be another 30-90 days while the Enforcement dept reviewed my file. Now the Enforcement dept tells me that my file has been reviewed but now it will take another 4-6 wks to get notification from the legal dept. My NP has also advised me that he doesn't think I am BP & that I have been misdiagnosed. I guess I have 3 questions so 1) Why in world would the TxBON not be up front with how long this process really is? 2) what kind of recommendations/stipulations could I get with no history of hospitalization, no drug abuse & I've never been to jail for anything so no criminal history? and 3) should I push for the new diagnosis immediately or wait for this process to be completed before starting a whole new process of having my diagnosis overturned?