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  1. Hi there, I recently submitted my information to the ADN program and was called for a background check and fingerprinting so I know I am qualified. Im just wondering what the chances of being accepted might be given that I cant find any information online. I have a roughly 3.8 GPA but scored low in the math portion on the TEAS V. However my science was 100%. My overall score was a 71% for the first time ever taking it, but on the website it says I am in the 70th percentile in the program. Just hoping my TEAS dont kill my application too much. Opinions? Percentile Rank - Program: 70
  2. xnicolerose21

    Does getting called for a background check mean Im accepted?

    Im also worried because we are required to pay 40$ for it! Lol. So Im not sure how much it is costing them. Thank you for your opinion.
  3. I recently applied to Blinn College's ADN program for next semester. I have ll A's in my prerequisites,but scored a measly 71% on the TEAS entrance exam (the first time ever taking it by the way). I received an email stating that in October Id begin the criminal background check and fingerprinting, and may or MAY NOT receive a provisional acceptance letter. Im wondering if anyone else has any experience with this and whether they may have been declined admission even after CBC? Im hoping I get a provisional acceptance letter but Im not sure if thats likely. I still have two pre-reqs in progress as well.