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  1. Careyca

    Spring 2018 CEP

    I got my acceptance email this morning for MCC and Ottawa afternoon/evening cohort!! I'm so excited!!!!! Good luck everyone!
  2. Careyca

    Spring 2018 CEP

    Congrats on applying! Anyone else obsessively checking their emails?? lol I applied to MCC morning and evening and gateway...I chose Ottawa as my university choice. Hopefully we hear something soon! This wait is killing me
  3. Hey guys! I submitted my CEP app a little over a week ago...the wait is killing me already! I applied to Ottawa and MCC (first choice) From what I understand, this is how they calculate your "score": HESI- 5 pts. possible for math section and 5 pts. possible for language section (10 points total) 75-79% (1pt) 80-84% (2pt) 85-89% (3pt) 90-94% (4pt) 95-100% (5pt) GPA- Multiply your GPA (for the school you are applying to) by 2.5 (max. 10 points if you have a 4.0) Prior Degrees- 1 pt for AA, 2 pt BS/BA, 3 pt Masters (they only give points for highest degree earned) + 1 point if there are no in progress courses -3 points taken away if have previously been in a nursing program If all this is true for this round of placements, I should have roughly 18 points- hopefully enough to get in! Good Luck to everyone applying!!