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  1. Newer RN being treated poorly by Coworker(s)

    OP, I get it. I've always been the socially awkward, shy, mousy girl who avoids confrontation. My dad was an angry drunk growing up and the screaming and thrashing me around was the norm. He was an emotional bully too. It made me overly sensitive. Th...
  2. American River College Spring 2016

    Did you find out of you got in? I know there were 3-4 people at first orientation that did not show.
  3. American River College Spring 2016

    Congrats again to everyone that got in and hugs of encouragement for those that did not. I can't believe school is a little over a week away! Has everyone gotten their vaccines? Stethoscopes? Books? Memorized everything? Am I the only one that is as ...
  4. American River College Spring 2016

    Congratulations to all who got accepted! I received my acceptance letter as well. I'm so excited! Still in Tahiti on my honeymoon but so glad I checked email today!
  5. American River College Spring 2016

    Anyone's application status still say just "Received"? I submitted my application on 9/21 but it still only says it has been received. I'm growing concerned =( I did have external credits, so and a few extra points that may need to be verified. Could...
  6. American River College Spring 2016

    Thanks OrientCrown, but my TEAS score was too low (82.3). I'm debating on retaking it or not for the CSUS program. I think I'll try my hand at Sierra, SCC, and ARC in the Spring before retaking. Crossing my fingers!
  7. American River College Spring 2016

    I turned in my application on Monday, 9/21 in person. I had 95 points and my application status has not changed. I don't remember what number I was to turn in, but it was definitely during the last week.
  8. American River College Spring 2016

    Hi! This is my first year applying anywhere, and I just applied to ARC. I am applying to sac state, but my TEAS score was pretty low (83.8) because I didn't study right. I will be applying to Sierra, SCC, ARC, and Sac State in the spring if I don't g...