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    New Grad Residency Program (Penn/Texas)

    I recently graduated from an accelerated nursing school and passed my NCLEX! I am from south florida and have lived here my entire life (31 years!). I am looking to start a new grad nurse residency program in another state, as this will be my first financial opportunity to. I have Texas and Penn (Philly) that have remained on my list of places I am interested in. (looking at salary, cost of living, culture, diversity, and climate- having never lived in cold haha). I am overwhelmed with how many options there are for nurse residency programs (which is a good thing) and wanted to know if anyone has any real life experiences in these states, working as a nurse! (or advice for a Floridian considering moving there!)I am limited financially, so would love to find out as much as possible before flying out to visit. Thank you!