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  1. Lets make this very clear.. I have been poorly mentored, the uni as provided me with no support. I have done my absoloute best and tried my hardest, you seem like one of those people that are judgemental and horrible. For my guesses your probably a mentor too as YOU have the Sam bad ATTITUDE!! Please remove yourself, I have no interest in your negativity
  2. UK.. Bsc Hons children's nursing degree X
  3. Meganmegzxxxx

    SHould I leave my r job after just 4 month?

    Do what makes you happy, theres no point being in a job thats going to put pressure on your relationship, pressure on you, makes you unhappy, burns you out.. Plus theres always jobs out there!! Live in the moment, make that big move You Only Live Once #No Regrets, Your a Long time Dead Megan X
  4. Meganmegzxxxx

    Help me! 24 and burned out!

    School Nursing or Health Visiting.. Public health degree ?? X
  5. Meganmegzxxxx

    Is nursing school REALLY that hard?

    Nursing School is Hard and Draining and physically and emotionally demanding.. I joined straight from College at 18 and I can honestly say that I wasnt prepared at all!! I would highly recommend that before you start any type of nursing you apply for work/volenteer as a health care assistance as this will help build up clinical skills. Nursing is fantastic but staright out of college to University its bloody well hard. I was suppose to graduate this July and About one week ago dropped out due to the pressure and the poor mentoring and due to me feeling like I am not quite ready yet to be a staff nurse - And I passed everything, but I feel that I need more experience to become competent. So I have left university until this december 2016 to get some HCA experience. Im gutted i wont graduate with my peers while im 21.. but 22 is good enough. But If you feel ready for nursing school, your strong minded, confident, determined and ready to learn then go smash it!! Its a great career choice.. Megan X
  6. Meganmegzxxxx

    Struggling :(

    Post It Notes Are A fantastic Way to Start Off!! Short and Sweet.. And build up from there.. There like Revision Notes Good Luck X
  7. So I am a nursing student studying Childrens's Pre-Registration Nursing, I have always wanted to be a nurse from since i can remember. I love helping people, I love children and I love the job (when I understand) So im a third year, im due to graduate in July 2016, exciting times, I have waited for this moment since secondary school.. everything mapped out exactly as planned. Well since starting my course in 2013 i have continusly struggled like really badly, I have really had to work hard and things just dont come natural to me. Then I was tested for dyslexia and dyscalculia and It was shown that i do have them both which explains some of the reasons i am struggling so badly. So i have carried on and now i have had two really bad mentors that have put me down in front of parents and told me how bad my maths is and that i really need to sort it out and its scary to think that i will be a staff nurse next year for these reasons. I let them know of my difficulties and i explained that i can do the sums i just need to be able to write them down, well she thinks that is unexceptable, she as put me down loads. I finally couldnt take it after 3 years of bad mentors. I Quit my course and i am due to return in december. I know i am not ready to be a staff nurse but i put my everything into it and still dont seem to be getting any better at anything i do. My confidence is at an all time low, i struggle practically and academically but I love the patients and they all say how fabulous i am and how kind of a nurse i will be. But How can i improve myself for December. Im struggling, I feel like im always asking if there is anything i can do, im cleaning, tidying talking to parents. doing observations, but as a third year student i feel i should be more involved, HOW DO I DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need help.. Anyone?? Or do I stop now??