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    Direct Entry PMHNP GRE+

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering your thoughts on my competitiveness in applying for direct entry PMHNP programs Undergrad Degree: Kean University English w/ Psych Minor and Teacher of Students w/ Disabilities 3.8 Prereqs: A & P1: A Micro: A Nutrition: A Lifespan: A GRE: not good! 149 Quant 154 Verbal 4.5 Wring I didn't study and guess I need to take it again. Only I'm also scheduled to take minimester of A and P 2 and/or Statistics starting 10/15 and apply for programs. Do you think I should still apply this year w/o completion? Focus more on higher GRE this next month or do the classes? Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I would def like to apply to U Rochester (no GRE), but am still discerning the other programs with a giant spreadsheet. Please advise. I tend to doubt myself so I don't know it I'm doing that too much. I have worked with kids with special needs, hospice volunteered, worked for a webinar company focused on health and wellness and talked to PMHNPs Any advice helps! Best, Caitlin