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    Did I Wait Too Long to Become A Nurse?

    Thumbs up to you! You have made my day. Thank you
  2. gwelch01

    Did I Wait Too Long to Become A Nurse?

    To everyone who has commented on my post, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All of your support and kind words are awesome. If the college I was attended had offered a class for LPN, this is where I would have started but since they did not, I went for the ADN program. Falling short on the last ADN they offered, I choose to stay and go for the BSN. It was not my first choice but I am so close that I just could not see starting over at a different college that may have offered the LPN or the ADN. I struggled with that a lot. I know as an LPN I could still work for the nursing company taking care of my granddaughter. That would mean starting over again and I did not want to do that. I am so happy I found this site and posted on here. You have all shown great support and that is just what I needed. And for those of you how have said that this post has also helped you in making up your minds, I am very happy that it has also helped you and to you I wish nothing but the best of luck when you start your careers as nurses.
  3. In the Beginning... When I was a teenager I visited a home for special needs children and after seeing the care that these children needed, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse someday. When I was nineteen I was married. By the time I was twenty-four I had six children. I was a stay at home mom until my youngest child started school. Then I attended a CNA class at a local nursing home. I truly enjoyed the work that I did at the nursing home while attending classes. Just before I finished the class we found out that our daughter of 18 months had cancer. The Decision... I never went back to finish the CNA classes and it was not until after my mom passed away that I started full time work. I worked in the paint department of a local manufacturing plant for 23 years until quitting this April to continue in the nursing program at Baker College. This was a huge decision that I had to make since working and going to classes would no longer be possible. I had worked full time while taking classes for two years. Once I made it into the nursing program it would take up more time than the company could work with, and therefore they ask me to quit my job. Why? I had thought about the reasons I had decided to go forward with a nursing career, such as my five year old granddaughter who has PWS and has been trached since she was 6 months old. She is on a home ventilator when she is sleeping and is fed through a G-tube. She has been my inspiration to go to college and get a nursing degree. I would love to be the nurse who goes to school with her each day. Yes I needed to continue with my degree and therefore consented to quitting my job. Now.... I have now been in the nursing program for two quarters. I passed the classes in the first quarter just fine. This second quarter was more difficult and although I passed the med/surg class and clinicals, I did not pass the pharmacology class. I needed an 84 to pass and I only had an 80. I will need to retake this class again in the spring when it is offered to continue in the nursing program. Clinicals... I often wonder if I waited to long to start a nursing career. By the time I graduate I will be 57 years old. Then I think about clinicals from the previous two quarters and remember the feelings I had when a patient would thank me for just listening to them for a while or when my instructor would tell me how I rocked the clinical part of the class. I want to be that nurse the every patient remembers. I want that feeling at the end of the day that I have made a difference, no matter how big or small, in the life of a patient. So... Did I wait to long? Possibly but I like to think that with hard work and dedication that I will make it to the end and have that Bachelor's degree in nursing. By being older I think that I will need to work extra hard to remember all of the information I need. I also have the advantage of life experiences on my side. We lost a daughter to cancer at the tender age of 3. I lost my mother when she was only 54. I cared for both of them at home until they passed away. These are experiences that can help me relate to certain patients. This is a knowledge that really can not be taught but felt from experience. And When I Graduate... When I graduate in 2017 and pass the NCLEX to receive my RN license, I will not be too old but I will be an older nurse who has compassion and knowledge on my side to begin my new career. The true answer to my question is NO I did not wait to long.
  4. gwelch01

    8 Hour shift vs 12 hour shift

    9:27 pm by llg, BSN, MSN, PhD Guide I think it is a great topic -- very relevant to what is happening in health care today. It touches a lot on topics that are "hot" right now, such as patient safety, economics, and RN work environment. Thank you very much for your feed back and encouragement. When we were doing our clinicals last quarter and the RN's on the floor had 5 patients at a time, I wondered when they were working 12 hour shifts how it would be if they ended up with 5 patients who were all very demanding of medical attention. If the day was tremendously busy how would they be coping at the eleventh and twelve hour.
  5. gwelch01

    8 Hour shift vs 12 hour shift

    Thank you very much for the feed back. I was thinking the same thing. Since there was a lot of research on this subject I would have no problem finding it.
  6. gwelch01

    8 Hour shift vs 12 hour shift

    I am a third year nursing student and getting ready for a class in nursing research. I thought a good research topic might be the 8 hour shift vs the 12 hour shift. The question would be does the difference of 4 hours more have any negative impact on patient care? What are your opinions on this as a topic for a research paper? I know a lot of hospitals have favored going to 12 hour shifts.