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  1. Hello, does anyone work as a Case Manager/Telehealth with the VA (Veterans Affairs)? If so what does your day consist of? What are your job you have to make appointments, connect veterans with resources, etc? Do you enjoy your job? ...
  2. Veteran Affairs (VA) Case Management

    Hey, Looking at a position in Ga. Have you started working as of yet, if so how is it? Do you like it?
  3. VA Case Management

    Good afternoon. I am in the South, and hopefully the salary is in the mid range of 80k, at least that is what I am expecting..fingers crossed. I don't know anyone who is in case mangement or who previously worked in case mangement, so the information...
  4. VA Case Management

    Thank you, I did not even think about requesting the results for my own personal records and well as "look" at the results, I will definately do that. I really appreciate your feedback.! All the information I can get is very helpful in this process!
  5. VA Case Management

    Hello. Yes it is frustrating. That is a good point of requesting my medical records. Do you know how long they stay valid, if I don't accept the offer for this job and may apply for something within the VA. I do have a Masters degree in Nursing, and ...
  6. VA Case Management

    Thanks for the information. This was the first time that I was offered the job-BUT- without knowing the salary. I am kind of heistant of going through all the testing, fingerprints and background check without even knowing how much the salary will be...
  7. VA Case Management

    Thanks for the information regarding the orientation. The whole entire process seems a little bittle foreign to me, that is whay I reached out to others to see if I could get some information on the hiring process, the job etc. I did reach out to the...
  8. VA Case Management

    Hello thank you so much for responding!! I appreciate the information. I have applied and had the interview, it was panel interview done over the phone. However the next step was a little strange, I had to do a pre placement physical, fingerprints as...
  9. VA Case Management

    Good afternoon all! I applied for a case manager position at the VA, can anyone tell me about the job? I rarely see any openings for case mangement with the VA, which is possibly a good sign. Can you tell me the pros and cons. I have 12 years experie...
  10. Humana RN Telephonic Care Manager

    Hello, I did pass as well, I loved the idea of working from home, but the workload sounded extremely heavy!!!
  11. Humana RN Telephonic Care Manager

    Great,-maybe at United it will be a better fit, I interviewed with them, they appear to be more laid back than Humana. I wish you the best of luck in your job search!
  12. Humana RN Telephonic Care Manager

    Good morning, My interview was not bad either, I had the exact same question, most of the questions were situational. Yes-I feel the same way you do about accepting the job offer, I am a little bit skeptical about the job as well, it does seem like a...
  13. Humana RN Telephonic Care Manager

    Good morning, How was your interview?
  14. Humana RN Telephonic Care Manager

    Ok!!!! Good Luck to you, Hope everything goes well for you. Thanks for responding to my post. Let me know tomorrow afternoon how everything goes and I will do the same. Keep in touch....we may be working together soon!
  15. Humana RN Telephonic Care Manager

    Hello, I have not had my interview as of yet, I have mine on 4-12-16 as well. Keep me posted on your outcome.