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  1. miss_xtine

    Two Lab Courses at Once

    Yes, students do it but they have to sign a waiver. I've taken honors chemistry in high school with an a and intro to Chem freshman year of college with an A. So I do have exposure to it. I have a friend who is in a nursing program at a different school and chemistry isn't even a part of their curriculum. I'm going to take both but was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were.
  2. miss_xtine

    Two Lab Courses at Once

    Hi everyone! I want to know your opinion on taking two science labs at once particularly chemistry and anatomy and phisiology one. I have already taken most of my prerequisites and I just have science classes left, so I want to take both. I've taken Chem four years ago but it wouldn't transfer. These would be the only two classes I'm taking next semester. For some reason, my school is HIGHLY discouraging this. I currently have a 4.0 and this is my second degree and I just want to get these beginning courses done so I can move into nursing courses. I'm wondering why the high level of persuation not to, if they think students can't handle taking two science labs at the same time how do they think they will survive actual NUR classes. Your input and opinion is greatly appreciated!!
  3. miss_xtine

    Goodwin College???

    Thanks everyone! I did decide to start at Goodwin. I'm finishing some pre reqs now. Would you mind sharing how many points you got in with if you did get in?
  4. miss_xtine

    My GPA is trash. What to do now?

    So I am in Connecticut it may not be the same where you live however the grades in previous coursework could matter less to the school I chose to pursue my nursing degree at. In Connecticut my school will transfer over only classes that apply to the nursing program and only classes that will be above a C+ or better the other classes don't get transferred in to calculate your nursing GPA there is a big difference between a nursing GPA and a GPA. Also many classes like bio and for some states anatomy and physiology have an expiration on them so you would have to retake them anyways and the old grade wouldn't matter. So basically what I'm saying is it is entirely possible that went to school as calculating your GPA it is much higher than the GPA you listed above . Every single school is different so you'll have to address it with each individual school but for the most part that's how it is here in Connecticut. Example if you took financial accounting they could really care less what you got for a grade it doesn't matter at least here. I hope this makes sense and I hope this helps good luck.
  5. miss_xtine

    Goodwin College???

    Hello Everyone! Im looking through all my options for nursing school. After a recent meeting and extensive Research I feel like Goodwin College might be the best option for me. I'm looking to get the opinions and views from students who attended the school, I see mixed reviews from many years ago but I know the program was new at that time. Can anyone offer a review with a recent experience in the program? Also, I'm looking to get feedback on the career potential of a Goodwin graduate? How does the working world view Goodwin graduates? I will be continuing on to my BSN, and will likely do that at Goodwin as well. I'd really love to know from an employers perspective or someone with experience, how are Goodwin graduates viewed? Any help, opinions and feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!