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  1. EricaAdemoji

    NCLEX 3500 or 4000

    How do I get these programs! I was using the NCLEX PN 3000 online, but its gone as of today! I need it ASAP! Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. EricaAdemoji

    NCLEX 3500 or 4000

    I actually just used the online version. it was free. It wasn't the nclex-rn it was the pn, but the questions were still good. I want to buy it off of amazon, but of course its not going to get here fast enough, and I dont have a CD Drive for my computer.
  3. EricaAdemoji

    NCLEX 3500 or 4000

    I'm upset because. I used to use this NCLEX 3000 PN for questions online, and now it is not working. I have a test coming up in 2 days over cardiac for medsurg 2. My question is, is there another website that was similar to that. The questions were so perfect, and it was set up like HESI.